Sioux Twp No. 4

Newspaper Articles in chronological date order


LeMars Sentinel
LeMars, Plymouth County, Iowa
September 6, 1918

SIOUX (Special Correspondence)
Miss Mayme McCoy will teach No. 4 school.

LeMars Sentinel, Jan. 19, 1923

SIOUX: (Special Correspondence)

Helen Ballard, the daughter of the local blacksmith, has started school at
No. 4.

Akron Register--August 18, 1927

Millnerville Mention:

    Miss Frances Waterbury, of Hudson, S.D., will teach the school at Dist. No. 4, known as the Lonesome Hollow school.


Hudson, S.D., The Hudsonite-September 8, 1927

    Miss Frances Waterbury began her first term of school in the Millnerville district in Plymouth county, 16 miles north of Sioux City, on Monday.  She is a graduate of the Madison Normal, and it is this writer's opinion that she will make a dandy fine teacher, for she is very conscientious, is competent in every way, and she has a way about her in handling youngsters that will help her a lot in her work as a teacher. ~Note:The editor of the Hudsonite was her uncle.
The Hudsonite-February 9, 1928
    Miss Frances Waterbury came for an over Sunday visit with the folks from her school at Millnerville, in Plymouth county and had a very enjoyable visit.  The folks took her to her school again on Sunday afternoon, stopping to visit with Roy Waterbury (Brother) and family and with other relatives on the way.  Miss Frances is proving herself a very capable school mawam, and is very popular teacher in her district.
The Hudsonite-May 3, 1928
    Miss Frances Waterbury has closed a very successful term of school in the Millnerville District in Plymouth county, and is at home for the summer.  She will teach in the Worthing schools this fall.
The Hudsonite-September 6, 1928

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Saterbor (sister & husband) and Mrs. Josie Waterbury (mother) accompanied Miss Frances Waterbury to Worthing Friday, where Miss Frances started teaching in public school, in the grades on Monday, Miss Frances going over on Friday to get located and familiarized with her work before school began.  She taught very successfully down in Plymouth county, Iowa, last year, and was offered a substantial increase in wages, but she thought she would rather teach in town, and signed up with the Worthing schools, where we predict the same success for her that she met with in her teaching experience down in Plymouth county, for she is a capable, conscientious teacher, and we are certain the people of Worthing will like her, and that they will be well satisfied with her work in the school room.

~These articles were contributed by Sharon, a daughter of Frances Waterbury. Thanks so much, Sharon, for sharing these wonderful news items about your Mother's teaching career!





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