Sioux No. 2 -- PHOTOS


Sioux No. 2 School -- "I boarded at Weber's. The school was on a dirt road up in the hills."

Quote from Saverna Langel, teacher; 1942-1943

Sioux No. 2 Outhouse


Sioux No. 2 --referred by the teacher as a Westfield school on her album pages.

The school is actually Sioux No. 2. The early atlases indicate that the Sioux Twp #2 was very close to the Weber farm in the hills. Officially known as Sioux No. 2

Sioux No. 2 -- Girls

Thea Leekley is the young lady at the left in the back row.

~Identified by family members, Joe and Polly Smith. Polly and Thea were sisters.

Sioux No. 2 -- Boys


Donald Johnson, pupil

Edmund "Buzz" Leekley, pupil

~ID and spelling of the name submitted by family members, Joe and Polly Smith. Edmund Leekley and Polly Smith are siblings.

Gladys Claughbough, pupil

Gladys Claughbough, student, with the school in the background

Patsy Hanson and Swana Moeller, pupils

Patsy Hanson

Swana Moeller, pupil

~All of the above photos contributed by Kathy Klemme, daughter of the teacher Saverna Langel, 1942-1943

~Thanks to Joe & Polly Smith for the identification and correct spelling of the names for Thea Leekley and her brother, Edmund Leekley. Any corrections or suggestions are ALWAYS welcome!!




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