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Remsen Bell-Enterprise
Thursday, April 1, 1948

Three More Rural Schools Abandoned
Remsen Township Board to Sell Structures at Auction April 24

Predictions that the little white schoolhouse existing a few years hence will be a curiosity will be three steps nearer fulfillment April 24, when the Remsen Township board of education disposes of three by the auction sale method.

Legal red tape was complied with Monday by Donald Hughes, Board Secretary, and Clarence Harnack, President, and notice of the sale appears in this paper today; will appear again next week in compliance with legal requirements.

The three schoolhouses, without buildings, are located as follows: School No. 1, four miles south of the Red Star station east of Remsen; No. 4, two miles south and two miles east of the Red Star station and No. 6, two miles south of the station.  The first sale will be at two o'clock, the second at 3 and the third at four o'clock, all to be called by auctioneer, H. J. Ruden, of LeMars.

Classes in the three schools have been discontinued for lack of pupils, the children of the districts having been enrolled in the two town schools.

Rural School Sale Scheduled May 2

Three rural schools are going out of existence (as such), Saturday, May 2, when the Remsen Township board sells them at public auction.

Decision to sell was made last Friday when at a special balloting the voters numbered 16 for and but one dissenter.

Secretary Donald Hughes is in charge of arrangements and says the auctions, with Richards & Ruden in charge, will begin at District 2 school, 4 miles south Star corner, which is a mile east of Remsen.  The sale will be at one o'clock.

District 3 school is 2 miles east of No. 2, and District 5 school is 2 miles north of No. 3.

Sell Three Rural School Buildings
Local Farmers Buy Old Class Rooms, Sheds, Other Equipment

The three rural schoolhouses advertised in the last two weeks by the Remsen Township school board were sold at auction Saturday afternoon for a total of $1485.00, with additional several hundred dollars for the sheds, other buildings and some interior equipment.

The sale, cried by H. J. Ruden, of LeMars under the direction of Donald Hughes, secretary, and other members of the board, opened at two o'clock, and one set of property was sold every hour.

The building 2 miles south of the Red Star station was sold to F. H. Bohnenkamp, nearby farmer, for $400.00.  The school four miles south went to John Waldschmitt of LeMars for $695, and the school four miles southeast of town was sold to the first buyer, Mr. Bohnenkamp, for $390.  Coal sheds were sold to Clarence Harnack, $55.00, and two to Frank Maass at prices of $50.00 and $20.00.  All minor articles such as stoves, desks and other inside property was sold to various individual buyers.

No announcement has been made as to disposition of the land, one acre each on which the schools were located, but this will be announced after a meeting of the board.  The schools were discontinued because of dearth of attendance due to proximity to town and improved road conditions, the director said.

** Remsen Kelly School


Remsen Rural Independent School Board to John H. Binder, 1 acre in SW corner of SW1/4  1-92-43.  $1.00

~Source: LeMars Globe-Post, October 12, 1953



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