Remsen No. 3

School Daze Memories from former students and teachers!


School Memories of Remsen # 3

by Paul Homan

   My brother, Pete, and I used to go the country school located 4 miles east and 4 miles south of the Red Star Corner [Golden Pheasant corner].  I remember each family took turns seeing that we had water for the day.  Sometimes my Dad would take us to school and bring a can of water along. If not, we would walk to the Ohlendorf farm a couple blocks east of the school and carry the water back.  Sometimes we got a ride to school, but if the weather was nice we’d walk.
   Each class had a time when they’d sit on the bench in front and go over their studies for the day with the teacher. During recess we’d play “Annie Annie Over”, tag, and other games.  My teachers were Miss Glade and Miss Auchstetter.

~Paul’s mother was Rose (Wenner) Homan, a rural school teacher.
~Miss Florence Glade taught at Remsen No. 3, 1932-1934 and Miss Bonita Auchstetter taught at Remsen No. 3, 1936-1941.




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