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LeMars Sentinel, Sept. 30, 1890

AKRON: (from the Delta)

Miss Carrie Hampton will shortly commence a five months term of school
in the Ogden district.

LeMars Sentinel, March 18, 1895

AKRON: (from the Register)

Last Monday from 12 to 7 o'clock p.m. the school election was held in the
school room. Considerable lively canvassing was indulged in to elect tow
directors to succeed Dr. Clark and E. F. Shaw. The result of the election
was a surprise to the parties, the honor going to the country candidates by
a handsome majority. Three tickets were put in the field. According to the
clerk's report the result is as follows: James Ross 173, W. B. Holler 150,
Geo. W. Raish 91, and Ed Searls 89. Total votes were cast 258. The
appropriation of $2,000 for school purposes was carried by 21 majority, the
vote being 127 to 106. It is probably that the west end of the city public
school building will be taken down and an addition be put up to hold one or
two more school rooms. At present the building is too small to accommodate
all the pupils of this city and for several years the primary classes have
been assigned to another building. The school building is badly in need of
repairs and this will receive proper attention this year.

LeMars Sentinel, April 1, 1895

AKRON: (from the Register)

The school vacation has been extended one week on account of the sickness of
some of the teachers. The spring term will commence Monday, April 8.

The school closed last Friday for a week’s vacation. Prof. Hise’s legs now
shuffle around behind the letter boxes in place of Postmaster Wintersteen
who has been sick for some time.

LeMars Sentinel, August 24, 1896

AKRON: (From the Tribune.)

At the meeting of the school board August 15, the following teachers were

Prof. I.C. Hise, principal;

Lizzie Jeffers, grammar department;

Gertie Plumb; first intermediate;

Ettie Ross, second intermediate;

Hattie Wierne, first primary;

Lou Stanley, second primary.

The following teachers were appointed for the schools outside of Akron:

Jennie Ross, Tucker school;

Maud Van Orsdoll, Stewart school;

Avis William, William school;

Eva Bradley, Moore school;

Inez Melius, Jones school;

A.G. Chandler, Stony Point school.

A resolution was adopted that all schools commence the first Monday of

There was considerable discussion in regard to the schedule of wages, the
contention being in regard to difference in prices paid to teachers in and
out of Akron. It was finally decided that the salary of the principal should
be $80; of the Akron teachers $40, and of teachers in the balance of the
district $35 per month.

LeMars Sentinel, May 10, 1897

AKRON: (From the Register)

The school board of the independent district of Portland Township met in the
office of M.A. Agnes Saturday afternoon. All members of the board were
present. The first business taken up was the annual levy. The levy was as
Teacher's fund, $2500
Contingent fund, 2500
Interest fund 2 mills

The salaries of the teachers were agreed upon as follows:
Principal in city, $80 a month
Teachers in city, 40 a month
Teachers outside, 30 a month
The term was set a nine months.

Akron Register
March 30, 1905

ADAVILLE ITEMS: (Special Correspondence)
The Adaville high school commenced Monday with Miss Burnett, of Akron,
as teacher.

Miss Edith Barber, of Akron, commenced teaching her third term in the
Tindall school Monday.

A number of the country schools commenced Monday. Archie Lilly is
teaching the Gaunt school. Miss Sadie Steecy returned Saturday from
Morningside, where she had been attending the college and commenced
teaching the Happy Hollow school.

LeMars Sentinel, June 1, 1917


Despite the rain Friday, the school picnic at Max Pollock’s was a decided
success. The schools and a large number of patrons were there before the
rain began and all gathered in the hay mow of the large barn where they ate
dinner and enjoyed a splendid program.

LeMars Sentinel, May 23, 1930

Portland Township has let the contract for two new rural schools. These
buildings will be in the Pleasant Hill and Tucker districts. Basement
furnaces and chemical toilets are special features of these new buildings.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, June 5, 1951


Mrs. Paul Fricke, of Newell, Iowa, the former Marian Larson, a grade teacher in the Akron school during 1949-50, was killed in an auto accident Wednesday night at Alta, and her husband was seriously injured.

Mr. and Mrs. Fricke had spent Memorial Day in Akron and were on their way to Newell when the accident happened.  Mr. and Mrs. Fricke were married about a year ago, and she has been teaching at Newell and he has been employed there.

Le Mars Globe Post Oct 7, 1957 –  [land deeds]

  Independent School Dist. of Portland Twp to Cecil Harris & Virgil Harris. 1 square acre in NE corner of NW ¼.  $45.00



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