Portland Jones School

School Daze Memories from former students and teachers!


Memories from Ruth Harris Esbeck, 1945 graduate from the rural Jones School in Plymouth County's Portland Township and 1949 class of Hawarden High School ."Thanks, Ruth, for sharing your school memories with all of us!"

When I started school I was so short I couldn't see over the teacher's desk!

My teacher was Miss Lois Hitzmann, from Akron - and she was a good one - in fact she just died a year ago!  Our school was "Jones" School - named after my great-grandfather or grandfather's family!  Our school was two miles south of Chatsworth, just one mile inside the Plymouth County line, on old Highway 12.  The first school was the old-fashioned one-room school, with the stove in the middle, with a metal shield around it, so we wouldn't get burned if we happened to bump into it.  My classmates almost all those years were my twin cousins, Joyce & Orville Harris.

We had the typical "outhouse" to meet our needs - we didn't loiter to and from it in the wintertime!!  And it had the very necessary "Sears Catalog" to take care of "number 2"!
Later on, the school was sold, and moved to another location, and a new, more modern school was built.  It had a large classroom, two cloakrooms, an entry-way, and a full basement - we enjoyed that!

You can imagine the shock when I started high school in Hawarden - that great big building with all those classrooms!!  But, needless-to-say, I survived - and feel I had a very good grade school education - one-room school and all!!  I think Miss Hitzmann did a great job teaching all those Harrises!!

~Lois Hitzemann taught the Portland Jones School 1936-1945
~Lois Hitzemann Clark taught the Portland Jones School 1945-1946



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