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Interesting Facts Concerning Plymouth Twp. Schools
By former teacher, Margaret Spies

Jacob Spies was secretary from Sept. 21, 1891 – March 11, 1901. His son, Reuben (R. J.) then became secretary for 26 years.

By 1892 Dist. No. 2 needed a new school house.  Carrie A. Byrne, County Superintendent, approved the plans—all measurements carefully recorded in the secretary book on June 25, 1892.  B. H. Blowers contracted to build the school for $649.00 by Oct. 15, 1892.

Permission was given to the various school districts to have the German tongue taught if the directors desired it to be.  This was permitted for several years, as late as 1901.

By 1-28-1905 school districts needed re-arranging.  The district board fixed Dist. No. 1 as sections 27, 26, 34, 35, 36 and south half of section 25.

September 23, 1905 the Twp. Boards met at Merrill Town Hall.  George Spies elected director, R. J. Spies, secretary, with bond of $45.00 per year.  J. J. Schindel was elected treasurer, to be paid $40.00 per year.

July 1914, E. E. Cobb was elected to the township board. Moved and sec. that we leave the bonds the same as they were.The treasurer’s bond $3000.00 and secretary $500.00.

July 1917 the township board set teacher’s salary at $65.00 per month for 1st Grade Certificate and $60.00 for 2nd Grade Certificate holders.  The Board President, Will Karley, was to see Frank Veidt of Merrill to have a carload of coal shipped in for township schools.

The Dist. No. 4 teacher in 1898 was Tillie Karley, a teacher with first grade certificate in 1898—for a 4 month summer term was paid $28.00 a month.  A five month winter term pay was $30.00 per month.  A 2nd Grade Certificate was paid $28.00 for both summer and winter. 

These facts gleaned from several old Twp ledgers at the Plymouth Co. Museum, LeMars.




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