Plymouth No. 4

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LeMars Sentinel, March 18, 1897


The entertainment given by the scholars of Miss Katie Lucke at district
No. 4 last Friday night was very successful in every way.  The house was
well filled and $3.50 was raised which will go to enlarge the school

LeMars Globe-Post, Nov. 21, 1927

PLYMOUTH TWP: (By Special Correspondent)

The P. T. A. meeting for Plymouth No. 4 was held at the school house
Wednesday evening. A fine program was rendered.

LeMars Globe-Post, April 25, 1929

PLYMOUTH; (By Special Correspondent)

A large and appreciative audience attended the Plymouth No. 4 school carnival held at the school house Monday evening. The following program was rendered much to the delight of all: Song by upper grade pupils; recitations by Paul Katsen, Jack Hart, Wilma Fischer, Irene Kehrberg and Bobby Zimmerman; three enjoyable readings were given by Gladys Winter, Ethel Kehrberg and Donald Warnock; ministrel show given by Clifford Kress, Walter, Guntren, Herb Kehrberg, and Paul Gaumnitz, concluded with a song by Paul Gaumnitz; two solos beautifully rendered by Mrs. Clifford Kress; piano and saxophone duet by Evelyn Roths and Dwight Schneider; one act play by Lowell and Wilma Kehrberg, Evelyn Roths and Seraphine Guntren; a song “Three fussy old Maids” by Seraphine Guntren, Wilma Kehrberg and Evelyn Roths.

Pupils and teacher, Miss Evelyn Roths, of Plymouth No. 4 enjoyed a wiener and marshmallow roast on Monday afternoon.

LeMars Sentinel, May 23, 1930

The school in district No. 4 Plymouth Township, will hold its last PTA
meeting on Friday evening, May 23. A picnic supper will be given in
conjunction with the meeting.

LeMars Globe-Post, Thursday, Dec. 29, 1938

PLYMOUTH-STANTON: (By Special Correspondent)

Pupils of school districts Plymouth No. 4 and Stanton No. 4 invited their
parents and friends to attend their Christmas program held on Wednesday
evening. Very interesting Christmas were presented and Santa Claus managed
to make a short stop at both of the schools.




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