Plymouth No. 4


Carrie Spies, 1911-1914

Additional pages of the Teacher's Daily Register, 1912-1917.

Pupils, Fall 1912

Pupils, Fall 1913

Pupils, Fall 1914

Pupils, Fall 1915

Pupils, Fall 1916

This is a sample of what a teacher's day was like.  The teacher was Pearl H. Heales and the term was November  1916 to February of 1917.  She had 5 boys and 5 girls in her charge.
This is the the "forenoon".

Below scan is of the afternoon session

These summaries are neat.  We find out how many library books they had, how many trees there were (!) and the condition of the coal shed and outhouses!

Visitors Page, 1912-1916

Interesting, Anna Donahue was the county sup't and she signed in.




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