Plymouth No. 4

School Daze Memories from former students, teachers, and records!


Plymouth No. 4 Pupils Names
Louise Dobbert, Teacher

~Source: Pupils’ names were taken from the oldest available records at the County Superintendent’s office—year 1972.

Ida Knapp

Fred Knapp

George Knapp

Daniel Berner

Louisa Karli

Annie Blecker

Christina Blecker

Katie Blecker

Sarah Buoy

Susie Buoy

Maggie Buoy

Nettie Calhoun

Homer Calhoun

Katie Buoy

Anna Buoy

Eddie Knapp

Tillie Karli

May Thomas

Freddie Miller

Henry Blecker

Mary Blecker

Carrie Karli

Victor Bolling

Lena Starzl

Gottlieb Berner

Will Berner

Joseph Starzl

August Blecker

This is the cover of a teacher's record book that Judy Bowman loaned for scanning from the Plymouth County museum. The faint hand-writing at the top reads "District #4 Plymouth Twp."   The year (inside) is 1907.  The are records for 3 terms (1 year) inside.


Rosabelle Beattie, 1907-1909

More pages of Teacher's Daily Register.

This is the cover of another Teacher Register Book, dated 1912-1917.

Teachers: Carrie Spies, 1911-1914
Grace Heales, 1915-1916

Inside pages--of this ledger; Plymouth No 4, 1912-1917





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