Perry No. 8

School Daze Memories from former students and teachers!

My sister and I - attended - Perry # 8 -    located on at the time Hiway 29 - but now Hiway 7 - probably 1 mile from the Sioux City limits.   My sister Barbara had polio and Dad - would take us to school - via - the horse we had - when the roads were unpassable - due to the frost going out of the roads - or they were blocked because of snow.

I was fortunate to be in a grade - with 3 other students -  I felt I received a very good education -  due to the competition in the grade - hoping to do better than another one.  Mrs. Dilly was the teacher most of the time I attended.    My husband went to another Perry township school - he tells me it was Perry No. 3.   It was located on the Ridge Road.

At recess -  we played annie annie over,  some baseball games, another game - escapes me -   you had to perform - pantomine - and the other team would have to guess.   We had jobs on Friday - cleaning the outside toilets, sweeping and different little jobs like that. In the back of my mind - we would go up to the center school - which was Perry #1
just up from #8 on the gravel road off of hwy 7 (that is what the hwy # is now.)   Why - maybe to buy books or something? I know they had more outside things to play on than we did at #8.

Submitted by Doris Ross Williams - Student of Perry No. 8 from March 1939 through the school year 1943/44. Doris & her husband farmed in Sioux Township and Plymouth Township- moving to town and retiring - in 1993. They farmed from 1956 to 1992.




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