Perry No. 6

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LeMars Sentinel
Friday, March 12, 1915

EAST PERRY: (Special Correspondence)
No school was held at District 6 Friday, the teacher, Miss Ahern, being unable to get there on account of bad roads.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, July 2, 1915

EAST PERRY: (Special Correspondence)

Three pupils of Miss M. Ahern school who took the eighth grade
examination, passed. They received their papers last week. There were:
Terry Kelley, Willie Gruber and Bessie Clemenson.

LeMars Sentinel, February 21, 1928


A number of the school children at the school in district No. 6 have been
absent from school on account of mumps.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
June 3, 1952

Nearly 100 people attended the Perry No. 6 school picnic Sunday, May 18, at the school grounds. Among those who came from a distance were Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Fischer and family of Leeds, Mr. and Mrs. William Ferguson and Barbara, Hinton, Sandra and Sherill Hayes of Sioux City, guests of the Davis girl. Mr. and Mrs. Hollinger’s mothers, Mrs. Olson of Sioux City and Mrs. Hollinger of Chicago, Mrs. Tondreau’s mother. The Weimer family guests were the two married daughters of Sioux City and Jefferson, S.D., and a son and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hansen, of Allen, Neb., and Mrs. Betty Ferret and son Terry of Sioux City, guests of Mrs. Stout.

LeMars Sentinel
December 16, 1952

Mrs. Virginia Stout and pupils in school district No. 6 will give a Christmas program at the school house Thursday evening, Dec. 18 at 8 o’clock.  Lunch will be sold. The public is invited.

LeMars Sentinel
December 30, 1952

Mrs. Virginia Stout and pupils of school district No. 6 presented a Christmas play, “Christmas in Pumpkin Hollar,” to a large audience Thursday evening, Dec. 18.

Six inches of snow fell here Friday and Friday night and more snow was coming down again Monday. So far the snow has not drifted.

LeMars Globe-Post, May 14, 1953

PERRY CENTER: Miss Christine Petersen of LeMars visited the schools in districts No. 5 and 6 Friday. She has now completed a second visit to all Plymouth county schools.

LeMars Globe-Post
June 18, 1953

Perry No. 6 Won Another Contest

The Perry No. 6 school taught by Mrs. Virginia Stout won the Rural Schools Conservation contest for the second year in succession according to George Eason, chairman of the soil conservation district.

The district makes cash prized available to the school which are most active in projects dealing with soil, water and wildlife conservation.  Perry No. 6 did almost all of the optional suggested practices this year, chairman Eason says.  They won the $15.00 grand prize on the excellence of the performance of the following:
1) observe a farmer establishing a grased waterway;
2) plant 4 trees on a farmstead or school year;
3) make soil conservation demonstration models;
4) learn to lay contour lines;
5) write and original skit and give it before an adult audience;
6) prepare and give a ten minute radio program relative to conservation;
7) take a field trip to learn about conservation;
8) establish a demonstration plot of grass and identify soil samples;
9) make a poster illustrating the meaning of a fertilizer analysis tag;
10) see and write a summary of two film strips and one movie;
11) prepare a kit of informational material for school library;
12) make a scrapbook on conservation of our natural resources;
13) construct and maintain a bird feeding station;
14) give a television program on KVTV relative to conservation in Plymouth County

LeMars Globe-Post, December 10, 1953

Perry Center:

Mrs. Virginia Stout and pupils of school No. 6 will give a Christmas program at the school house, Tuesday evening, December 15, at 8 o'clock. A shag rug and chenille bedspread will be given away. All friends and neighbors are invited.

LeMars Globe-Post
Dated January 21, 1954

On Saturday, Mrs. Howard Daws and Mrs. Virginia Stout [teacher] took the school children of school district No. 6 on a tour of public buildings and industries in Sioux City.  Places visited included the post office, police station, fire station and Young’s Dairy.



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