Perry No. 4

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LeMars Sentinel, June 1, 1917

PERRY CENTER: Miss Monica Flynn closed a successful term of school in district No. 1 Friday, and returned to her home at Jackson, Neb., Saturday.

~Transcriber note: Our teacher list shows that Monica Flynn was the teacher in the district No. 4 schoolhouse, not district No. 1.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
February 2, 1945

PERRY CENTER:  (Special Correspondence)

The teacher and pupils of school District No. 4 will give a humorous program Thursday evening, February 8th.  “Cora’s Callers,” a one-act comedy is a feature number on the program, after which lunch will be served and a blanket and door prize will be given away.

LeMars Globe-Post, January 8, 1953


Miss Clara Holman, teacher in the school district No. 4, is spending the Christmas vacation with relatives in Springfield, South Dakota.

LeMars Globe-Post
May 24, 1956

Miss Clara Holman closed her school year at district No. 4 last week with a picnic for the pupils and parents. She will spend the summer months with her mother and other relatives at Springfield, South Dakota.

LeMars Globe-Post
May 16, 1957


The school children of No. 4 and teacher, Miss Clara Holman went on a tour in Sioux City Friday.  Places visited were the Sunset Nurseries, Continental Laking, Co., Fire station and Police station.  Mrs. R. E. Service and Mrs. Anvery Swanson drove their cars and assisted Miss Holman.

LeMars Globe-Post
May 23, 1957


Miss Clara Holman and pupils of District No. 4 had their last day of school picnic at the school house Friday afternoon.  Miss Holman departed on Monday for her home in Springfield, South Dakota.



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