Perry No. 1 -- PHOTOS


Contributed by Maureen Timblin: "Attached is a picture from the Sioux City Journal. I am guessing the year to be approx. 1938. My guess is based on my uncle, Jules Rosburg, who is in the picture, front row-second from the right. He was born in 1928 and looks to be age 10 or maybe younger." [The teacher, Miss Gontran Beaulieu was the teacher of Perry No. 1 during the following years: 1932-1934 and 1937-1938.]

Perry No. 1 rural school Hinton

Teacher, Roberta Albrecht--taught 1940-1942

From left to right: Front Row: Phyllis Jane Anderson, Billy Jaffery, Tommy Rosburg, Robert Bonnes, Virginia Knapp and Ida Westerberg

Back Row: Jules Rosburg, Charles Kovarna; and four adults, Roberta Albrecht, the instructor; Oliver Bonnes & Mrs. Knapp, drivers; and Mrs. Vilas Montagne, who accompanied the group.

~this newspaper clipping was contributed for this page by Maureen Timblin.


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