Minnie Koch, Country School Teacher

Henry No. 3, 1938-1939
Henry No. 5, 1939-1940
Henry No. 4, 1942-1948

Married Alfred A. Schmitt on 21 May 1949

Minnie attended Remsen High School


Minnie Koch -- Remsen High School -- Class of 1935

Photograph of Minnie Schmitt taken at her 90th birthday time, May 2008

The above pictures have been shared by Minnie's son, Randy Schmitt.

Randy writes:

Just had to share this picture taken after we got back to her home in Remsen after celebrating her birthday on May 11, 2008. She suffered a fall 4 days after this was taken which resulted in her residency at Happy Siesta from May 17, 2008 until her passing on May 26, 2009. Just felt I had to share this since I feel I have happily relived her life in the pictures I have had the pleasure of sharing.


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Born 11 May 1918
Died 26 May 2009






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