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LeMars Sentinel
March 18, 1910

MEADOW:  (Special Correspondence)
Miss Viola Mc Coy, who has been teaching the "Cozy Corner" school for the past three years, resigned and has accepted a position in a school near Seney.

Remsen Bell Enterprise
November 15, 1928

School authorities in Remsen and Meadow townships and in a few districts in
the western part of Cherokee county are reported to be hot on the trail of
the gay party of Hallowe'en celebrators who destroyed and damaged property
on rural school premises three weeks ago, and arrests are expected soon. The
depredations committed during the Hallowe'en season were kept rather quiet
for a time in order to give the officials a better chance in trailing the
violators, and it is now reported that the matter has already been taken up
with county officials and that the guilty ones may soon be brought to
justice. One farmer east of Remsen saw a big truck in the school yard late
at night, but paid no attention to it. The next morning when big damages
were reported from no less than nine districts, it was suspected that the
truck belonged to the marauders; for all indications were that the truck was
brought into play in doing most of the damage. Coal and cob sheds and other
small buildings on the various school grounds were pulled over by the truck
and in most instances dragged out upon the highway. In this operation most
of the buildings were damaged, and some of the contents, such as storm
windows and other breakable property were destroyed, In one instance at
least, at the Letsche school southeast of Remsen, the celebrators gained
entrance to the school and broke desks and windows to the extent of about
$35. Other schools in that neighborhood were the Lauters and Lindemann
schools where considerable damage was done. At the Gus Hanno school in
Meadow township, a big shed, 10x12 feet was upset and dragged out into the
ditch, and most of the storm windows inside were broken. In all, it is
reported that the marauders covered more than 18 miles, doing damage at
every school house, and those who have been investigating are of the opinion
that the total amount of damage will reach over the $1,000 mark.



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