Marion Township
School News --covering the entire township

Newspaper Articles in chronological date order

LeMars Globe-Post, Sept. 25, 1891

OYENS: Miss Maggie McNamara, who teachers the Elsworth school, has 32 scholars.
This is the largest attendance in this township.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, Nov. 28, 1898

SOUTH FREDONIA: (Special Correspondence)

The Marion township schools began a four-months season on Monday, Nov. 14. The teachers are No. 1, Miss Kleinsorge; No. 2, Mrs. Gangler; No. 3, Miss Annie Miller; No. 4, Miss Gannon; No. 5, Nelson Miller.

LeMars Sentinel, January 29, 1909

The county superintendent of schools made a decision this week in favor of
establishing a new school in Marion township on one of the four corners
where section 13, 14, 23, and 24 join. Some parties in the township were
opposed to the establishment of the new school while others complained that
their children had too far to walk under the present status.

LeMars Sentinel, December 29, 1911

OYENS: (Special Correspondence)

Some from here attended the program and Christmas tree given by Bessie
Levins and her scholars last Friday night.

LeMars Globe-Post, September 3, 1936

OYENS: (By Special Correspondent)

The rural schools in the surrounding country also began classes Monday, as
did St. Catherine's. Miss Kuhns of LeMars is back at her old school
teaching job at the Wisser school and Miss Bernice Fiedler, teaches the
Orban school. The Reisch school is being taught by Miss Harriet Schnepf,
daughter of Will Schnepf and the Fiedler and Wagner schools are remaining

LeMars Globe-Post
September 6, 1937

OYENS;  (By Special Correspondent)

High school students in the Oyens vicinity are already started on this year’s program of classes or will begin this week. At the LeMars high school are enrolled:  Dorothy and Eldon Kelly, Mary Magdalene Gengler, Irvin and Dolores Masuen and the Misses Delphine, Evelyn and Margaret Fiedler, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fiedler.  Louella and Verdon Doud are attending St. Mary’s high school in Remsen.

Rural schools in the neighborhood of Oyens have begun their 1937-38 term.  Miss Mary Hendrick of LeMars is teaching the Mohning school three miles south and one mile east of town, Miss Esther Coons of LeMars is again the teacher at the Wisser school just south of Oyens, Miss Bernice Fiedler daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fiedler has the Orban school, Miss Gladys Willenburg of Remsen is at the Kramer school and Miss Clarisse Anderson of Dakota is teaching the district No. 2 of Fredonia township.



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