Marion No. 5 -- PHOTOS


Glydelle Gaden Erichsen, Teacher

Marion No. 5, 1929-1935

Marion #5
Abt. 1930
Front row:  Stan Mohning, Bud Huertz, Norbert Ruba
Middle row: Eleanor Luken, Luella Kobberman, Esther Mohning
Back row:  Dwayne Moeller, Richard Kunkel, Richard Moeller,  Mathias Ruba, Arnold Mohning (face partially hidden), Alverna Mohning, Colletta (Celesta?) Ruba, Merlin Mohning
This photo was submitted to the Remsen Bell this week, January 24th, 2008,  by Larry Kobberman. The editor put out a plea for identification of students.  Thanks to Merlin Mohning, of Colorado, for the names.

Marion #5
School Year 1933-1934
Front row:  Ralph Tentinger, Gene Lauters
Middle row:  Louie Mohning, Elaine Tentinger, Colleta Ruba, Esther Mohning, Eleanor Luken, Rich Lauters

Back row: Merlin Mohning, Celesta Ruba, Mldred Tentinger, Arnold Mohning, Stan Mohning

~Note:  Collette and Celesta Ruba might be reversed. Identification provided by Merlin Mohning.

Front row: Darlene Thill, Orville Kunkel, Norma Mohning
Back row: Elenore Luken, Esther Mohning, Elaine Tentinger
~Identified by Merlin Mohning.






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