Marion No. 2

School Daze Memories from former students and teachers!



Memories from Norman Kloster (b. 1929). 

When we went to school after moving to Oyens, the school was 2 1/2  miles southwest of town on a mud road.  Ben Harvey was hired to haul the Oyens kids to school and pick them up. It was Marion Township, No. 2 school, with Miss Coons as the teacher. She was my teacher through the 8th grade. At 8th grade, I had to take a state examination to graduate. The county superintendent, Miss Christiana Petersen, gave the test. I think those schools were the best as kids received eight years of instructions everyday. Why do you think I’m so smart?? Well-digger and farmer’s tile digger, Ben Harvey, was our school bus driver through my years.

Country School Memories
Margaret Aird Lloyd
Student in Marion Township # 2
Teacher: Esther Coons

I rode my Shetland pony 1 ½ miles to school in good weather. In winter, if the snow drifts were hard, I’d cut across the fields.  I picked asparagus in the spring on the way home.

My pony, when we were near the Campbell house on the first corner, could look across and see our trees. She would put her head down in the ditch and my saddle would go forward (I couldn’t tighten the girth firmly enough) and I would fly off.  Bonnie would gallop home and I would trudge along, carrying my lunch pail.

I remember the common drinking water pail with the dipper from which we drank,  Christmas programs and Last Day of School picnics with a softball game. I was not particularly gifted athletically. 

My father, Walter Aird, was a longtime school board member and election judge.

--Submitted by Magaret Aird Lloyd at the Country School Reunion, September 22, 2007. 





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