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LeMars Sentinel, 22 Oct 1929

Pleasant For Scholars.

Playground Equipment Is Installed in Lincoln Township School.

Pupils of Lincoln Township school District No. Six had an enjoyable day
Tuesday, October 8. A participant that day relates that the man of the
vicinity gathered and erected playground apparatus purchased with the school
state aid money. The women brought a bounteous dinner in a very enjoyable
as well as profitable day was spent. There are eight families who have
children in the school and every one was present, as were Mr. and Mrs. C.
Woolridge, director, and Paul Sanders. The standardization plate was placed
on the door and two swings, to tumbling rods, one for the larger children
and one for the smaller ones. A barrel of fun and basketball equipment was
installed. Miss C. Petersen, County Superintendent, was present and gave an
encouraging talk and expressed approval of the way the school used their
money. We are quite proud of the things our school is doing and feel that a
good share of the credit goes to the teacher, Miss Emeline Plumer. The
pupils gave a short program on fire prevention, this being fire prevention



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