Lincoln Township No. 3 -- PHOTOS

Lincoln Center School

A Wonderful Early Photo--late 1800s

"This photograph of students belonged to former teacher, Ozias C. Ford, who lived and taught at James, Iowa. It is believed he may have taught in the James school from 1885 to 1891, then in Leeds until about 1913 but there is no solid evidence. The census never lists him as a teacher. I'll keep looking."~Written by family researcher, Jeff Deitchler. Jeff also shared this wonderful picture for the website. Unfortunately, there is no identification on the picture. Can anyone viewing this picture help with identity?

Also check out this Lincoln No. 3, Memories link on this website. Jeff has also shared the contents of a treasured Autograph Book that was owned by teacher, Ozias Calvin Ford, earliest date in the book was April 7, 1888.

Photo of the existing Lincoln Twp No. 3 School House in the 1930s

Below see a photo of this school just before it was taken down:

This school was known as "Lincoln Center."  The M.E. Church was housed here until Galon Soule gave an acre and the church was built in 1899, deeded in 1900.   Lincoln Center was the first country school in the township, known in its earliest days as "Barrett School."  It was also referred to as Soule, Harrison, Sager, Peron and Ideker school depending on which family had the school teacher living with them at the time. --Justin Herbst


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