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LeMars Sentinel
Friday, January 17, 1930


The P.T.A. Community Club held its regular monthly gathering last Saturday
night. Despite the bad weather, a good crowd enjoyed the evening in dancing
and playing cards.

The Liberty High School basketball team played the Lawton team at Lawton,
Friday night, January 10. Both Liberty teams were defeated, the first team
score being 43 to 6, and the second team 23 to 11. Howard, of the Lawton
team, was the most outstanding player making 19 points.

Wilbur Harrington, who is teaching school east of Sioux City, has been
chosen to teach that school the coming year. Mr. Harrington graduated from
Liberty High School last year.

Several of the high school students have started work on a play to be given
at Liberty, February 4.



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