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Note about a former Liberty Consolidated teacher written by a nephew on 1/16/2012:

Fern Mischke taught 1929-1930--Liberty Consolidated School.

Fern Mischke was my aunt (my father’s sister) and taught at Liberty #5 in 1929-1930.  Fern was born and raised on a farm near Crofton NE.  I tried to find an obituary for Fern but couldn’t locate one.  Sometime shortly after 1930 Fern moved to LA and lived there the rest of her life and never married.  Fern was born on November 24th 1903 and passed away on March 6th 1995.  I met her several times over the years and she was a very special person.  I would imagine that anyone she taught in those years may not also be with us anymore but just for the possibility that someone may remember her I thought I would send this email.  
Alan Mischke



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