Liberty No. 1 -- PHOTOS


Circa 1899-1900

~Submitted by Bruce Atkinson: "Here are two news articles from the LeMars Daily Sentinel which have Mary Taylor as the teacher of the school in Liberty township. I found Clara Dennler in the 1900 Census with an age of 5 years in Liberty Township which indicates that the photo was taken around 1899/1900. It appears the school is likely Liberty No. 1 from the names of the pupils."

Very likely--Liberty No. 1 school children group, 1921-1922

Blase' Bogenrief, Teacher 1921-1922

Contributed by Doris Bernhardt, daughter of Eva Harding

Back Row:
Clifford Kellogg, Earl Husted, Lee Husted, Herschel Harding, Miss Bogenrief, Mary Givens, Edith Crawford, Head Crawford and Bill Crawford
Middle Row:
Lola Massey, Lona Massey, Vera Harding, Margaret Mansfield, Ruby Kellogg, Frances Mansfield, Ethel Givens, LaVerne Givens, Veta Massey
Front Row:
George Husted, Emeral Givens, James Mansfield, Raymond Kellogg, Eva Harding and Ruth Crawford

School house picture found in the scrapbook of pupil, Amelia Eva Harding. The photo is very likely Liberty No. 1 school house.

Contributed by Doris Bernhardt, daughter of Eva Harding


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