Liberty No. 1

School Daze Memories from former students, teachers, and records!



Liberty No. 1 Pupils Names
Marie Horton, Teacher

~Source: Pupils’ names were taken from the oldest available records at the County Superintendent’s office—year 1972.

Bert Smith

Olive Smith

Ruby Smith

Harvey Miller

Jack Smith

Clifford Wilder

Esther Hoss

Lloyd Bristow

Gilmore Lindsey

Francis Bristow

Ivan Hoss

James Miller

George Wilder

Leona Bristow

Margaret Wilder

Alice Tullis

Jack Barnes


Liberty No. 1--timeframe is the early 1920's (Very likely this is the correct township school--this memory contributed by Doris Bernhardt, daughter of student, Eva Harding.)

"Once when I interviewed Mom about growing up, she relayed she and her brothers and sisters had to walk to school, which was about a mile away. Her mother (May Belle Harding) was the first parent to send her children to school using old socks to carry jars of water as it was quite a distance to the spring to get water. Later, they put jars of soup in the socks. The jars had string wrapped around the lid so when they arrived at school, they could put their soup in a large kettle of water the teacher had going on the wood stove. By the time lunchtime came around, the soup was nice and warm."




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