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LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, June 2, 1891

ADAVILLE: (Special Correspondence)

The following is a report of the Pleasant Valley School for the month ending
May 22, 1891. Number of days taught, twenty; total number of days
attendance, 348; average daily attendance, seventeen and two-fifths; average
number belong, twenty-one. Names of pupils present each day during the
month: Jennie and Birdie Poyzer, Carrie Miller, Blaine King, Pearl Kanago,
Emily Rowley, Willie Fletcher, Jourdan Sullivan. ~O. R. Gaston, teacher.

Akron Register
March 3, 1904
ADAVILLE ITEMS:  (Special Correspondence) The Adaville school closed Monday.  The scholars presented their teacher, Miss Mahaney, with a quilt.

Akron Register
March 28, 1907
ADAVILLE ITEMS:  (Special Correspondence) The Adaville school commenced Monday.  Miss Burnett of Akron is teacher.

LeMars Sentinel
June 14, 1907
ADAVILLE:  (Special Correspondence)
The Adaville school was out today for the summer vacation.
The Hauswald school was out last Friday.  Though stormy quite a few were at the school house to hear the program given by Miss Miller and pupils and a nice time was reported.

LeMars Sentinel
March 18, 1910
UNION:  (Special Correspondence)
Miss Cassie Harvey, who taught school in Johnson township, is spending the vacation with her parents.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, August 24, 1951

ADAVILLE:  (Special Correspondence)
Most of the school children will be returning to their desks next Monday when school starts in Westfield and Akron. Among the few country schools that will open are the Beaulieu school with Mrs. Knapp as teacher; Ruble school with Miss Laughton, teacher; Knapp school, with Mrs. Margaret Stampher, teacher; Lucken school, with Mrs. Coryla Andreesen, teacher.



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