Johnson No. 6 -- PHOTOS


Adaville School, Johnson Township,  1908
Back Row: Melvin Kanago, Carl Ericson, Lester Stinton, Frank Morehead, Glen Kanago, Ray Scott, Wesley Gowan, Lydia Attwill, Emma Friske, Mable Erickson, Edith Erickson, Fern Gowan, Nellie Morehead, Viola Parker, Neva Stinton
Middle Row: Albin Ericson, Lawrence Frisch, Ivy Morehead, Blanche Stinton, Gertrude Morehead, Blanche Davis, Doris Kanago, Agnes Ericson, Tracey Hartman, Viola Frisch
Front Row:  Clayde Morehead, Veneta Morehead, Ella Ericson, Ina Kanago, Eugune Beaulieu, Vernon Morehead, Lloyd Morehead, Florence Morehead, Vera Morehead
Celis Murray, teacher

Adaville School, Johnson Township -- 1913

Front Row: Phoebe Morehead, Grace Ericson

Middle Row: Delhia Hauser, Marie Morehed, Valda Ericson

Back Row: Vera Morehead, Ina Kanago

Left to right:
Back Row:

Viola Frisch, Blanche Stinton, Earl Frisch, Vera Morehead, Ina Kanago, Reuel Brown, Perry Kanago

Front Row:
Vernie Morehead, Bertsel Brown, Valda Erickson, Dallas Montgomery, Ted Ericksen, Marie Morehead, Russell Brown

Teacher: Hazel Deviney, May 1914

[Submitted by Linda Ziemann from her Grandmother's scrapbook pages. Her Grandmother was a former teacher in Plymouth Co. and was a native of Adaville, Ia. Grandma had handwritten all the names of the people in the photo onto her scrapbook page next to the photos. Thanks, Grandma!]


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