Johnson No. 5

School Daze Memories from former students, teachers and records!

Johnson No. 5 Pupils Names
F. A. Hauswold, Teacher

~Source: Pupils’ names were taken from the oldest available records at the County Superintendent’s office—year 1972.

Theresa Heiden

Mary Taylor

Sarah Taylor

Mary Hoffman

Annie Hoffman

Maggie Grebner

Katie Gengler

Annie Weyens

Fannie Wilson

Josephine Geodert

Robert Bornschein

Willie Bornschein

Henry Neyens

John Grebner

John Hoffman

Frank Hoffman

John Sternberg

John Weyens

Joe Weyens

Peter Gengler

Nicky Gengler

John Gengler

Nicky Geodert

Theo. Hoffman

Dennis Hoffman

Peter Orban

Charles Taylor

George Taylor

Irwin Taylor




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