Johnson No. 4 -- PHOTOS


Johnson No. 4 School, (also known as the Beely School), 1904

Front row--Anna Lucken, J. Henry Lucken, Jake Ruedy, Herman Ohlrichs, Mary Faye Burrill (later Mrs. Henry Dempster, then Mrs. Calvin Eyres), Simon Lucken Middle row--Clara Buehre (later Wetrosky), Tillie ruedy, Carl Fletcher Back row--Pearl Burrill (later Mrs. Walter Grebner), Florence Burrill (later Mrs. Adam Ross Clarke), John Ohlrichs, Eva Burrill (later Mrs. Henry Clarke, then Mrs. Butch Hanssen), Clarence Grebner, Emma Buehre (later Susemihl), Clara Grebner, Bertha Draheim (later Feuerhelm). Teacher, in back on right end--Maggie (Grebner) Hammond


The pupils of Johnson Township School No. 4 will act as Globe-Post correspondent for Johnson Township during the remainder of the school year.

The school has planned this project as part of their English work this year.  The pupils will make a scrapbook of the news they send to the Globe-Post. At the close of the year the scrapbook will be used as part of the county’s rural school exhibit at the state fair.

The pupils will appreciate very much any items of interest reported to them.  Anyone wishing to do so may contact one of the following pupils:

Nancy Wendt, LeMars, c/o Ralph Wendt, LeMars phone; Ronald Pausch, LeMars, c/o Harry Pausch, Sr., Akron phone; Donald Herman, LeMars, c/o Harvey Herman, LeMars phone or the teacher, Mrs. Murrel Eckert, Merill, Merrill phone. ---Edited by Ronald Pausch

Shown as they were grouped around the linotype at the Globe-Post office are Nancy Wendt, Donald Herman, Ronnie Wendt, Robert Orban, Robert Wendt, Larry Radloff and Ronald Pausch.

~The LeMars Globe-Post, April 8, 1954




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