Johnson No. 3

Newspaper Articles in chronological date order


LeMars Sentinel, August 10, 1893

ADAVILLE: (Special Correspondence)

Miss Agnes Burrill will teach district No. 3.

LeMars Globe-Post, Thursday, May 30, 1935

ELGIN: (By Special Correspondent)

Miss Leora Laughton returned home Friday after closing her school in Johnson
No. 3.

Miss Leora Laughton closed her school in district No. 3, Johnson township,
Friday with a picnic dinner. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry
Lucken and daughter, Lucille and sons, Donald, Robert, Frank and Ronald, Mr.
and Mrs. J. C. Bryant and sons, Harold, Eldon and Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. L. D.
Baldwin and sons, Ardeth, Lowell, LuVerne and Marlin, Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Lucken and son Arlen Lee, Mrs. Earl Campbell and daughters, Vivian, Wilma
and Reta, Mrs. Gerhard Lucken and daughter, Miss Hannah Lucken, Mrs. Adam
Tindall and sons, Adam and Alan and daughter, Phyllis, Mrs. A. E. Siebens
and son Arden and daughter, Evonne, Tommy, Billy, Jimmy and Clifford Clarey,
Geo. Hartman and George Greenwood.

LeMars Globe-Post
May 28, 1953

Families of the Lucken school [Dist. No. 3] had their picnic on Sunday.  Everyone brought well-filled dinner baskets and the afternoon was spent in visiting.  Mrs. Wayne Andersen has been the teacher.  The school is not expected to open next fall as there are only five pupils in the district and they can go to the Akron school. 


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