Johnson Township #2 -- PHOTOS

Souvenier End of Year Booklets




Ruble School students -- Memorial Day 1908

Adaville Cemetery - Note the Flag; Teacher, Maidie Johnson

~Photo provided by Mary Lamoureux, Ruble, IA

Ruble School, Johnson No. 2

Ruble, Iowa

Group identified on back of photo as: Carolyn J., Henrietta Meins, Helen M., Ruth M., Mildred Miller, Lucille J.

Front Row, Left to Right:
Gaynor Klemme, Curtis Bryant

2nd Row, L to R:
Roxane Klemme, Dianne Allen, Terry Klemme, Sylvia Bryant, Barbara Johns

3rd Row, L to R:
John Bryant, Nancy Klemme, Melinda Netley, Angela Klemme, Denise Jeffers, David Allen, Jerry Klemme,

4th Row, L to R:
Marilyn Nannen, Marbach Twins – Louanne & Lynelle, Bryan Turner

5th Row, L to R:
Jim Netley, Barbara Breitbarth, Judy Netley, Melissa Turner?

~above photo and identification courtesy Mary Lamoureux, Ruble, IA




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