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LeMars Sentinel, March 13, 1888

HINTON TRUTHS: T.J. Mudgett, the teacher in sub-district number two, gave up his school Friday and will go to Remsen next Monday to teach the summer term.  A
Mr. Argo (not G.W. Argo) will finish the winter term and also teach the
summer school.

There was a big time at the Melbourne school house Thursday evening.  A
spelling match and exhibition combined.  Miss Lizzie Moist was the best
speller and George Hatham the best on declamation.  George is a graduate
from Oxford, England.

LeMars Sentinel, December 9, 1890


Mary M. Schneider has announced a spelling school to take place on
Thursday evening, December 18, at the Center school; a good literary
program has been arranged for the occasion.  All are cordially invited
to attend.

LeMars Sentinel, August 28, 1891

HINTON: (Special Correspondence)

Miss Ida C. Koenig and Miss Tina Schmidt from LeMars have been engaged by
our directors to attend to the educational wants of our rising generation;
for this winter, Miss Koenig will teach the Central school and Miss Schmidt
the Melbourne school.

LeMars Sentinel, December 8, 1891

HINTON: (Special Correspondence)

The scholars of Miss Ida Koenig at the Centre school are making preparation
for a spelling school to be held Friday, Dec. 11th. All are cordially
invited to come and participate.

LeMars Sentinel, December 11, 1891

POTOSIA: Some school ma'ams use the kids for pincushions.

LeMars Sentinel, December 18, 1891

HINTON: (Special Correspondence)

The spelling school at the Centre school house last Friday evening was well
attended by our neighboring schools and would have gone off smoothly enough
had it not been for some who tried to make themselves conspicuous by
continually shouting, "ah rats."

Miss Nellie M. Noble carried off the honors at the spelling match last
Friday evening as being the best speller.

LeMars Sentinel, December 6, 1894

HINTON: (Special Correspondence)

Hungerford township has seven schools, five of which are taught by male
teachers. If all townships would hire the same ratio of teachers what would
become of all the school ma'ms?

LeMars Sentinel, October 22, 1896

HUNGERFORD: (Special Correspondence)

Robert McArthur will close his school next week for a month's vacation
during corn husking. He reported having had a successful term.

POTOSIA: (Special Correspondence)

Adolph Pavlovic has been having the school house in his district replastered
and painted on the inside.

LeMars Sentinel, March 4, 1897

POTOSIA: (Special Correspondence)

Miss Claudia Crouch will give an oyster supper and program for the benefit
of the school library, at the home of Mr. Bonus on next Friday evening. It
has been postponed until the present time on account of the illness of
teacher and pupils.

A great many of the children and young people have had their necks tied up
on account of the mumps.

Miss Claudia Crouch has finished the winter term of school and begun the
spring term in the same district. This speaks well for Miss Crouch as it is
the third or fourth term she has been hired for the same school.

Miss Mae Burke gave a school entertainment on Friday evening for the benefit
of a school library. A good crowd was in attendance and report a splendid
program. Something over $3 was raised.

LeMars Sentinel, Sept. 5, 1901

HINTON: (Special Correspondence)

The school house has been white washed, seats varnished, and otherwise
cleaned. Green & Jeffers, from LeMars, were the workmen.

Miss Harrington, of LeMars, has been secured to teach the winter term of
school here.

LeMars Sentinel, Thursday, September 19, 1901

HINTON: (Special Correspondence)

At the township school meeting held here last Monday, Geo. Bender was
re-elected treasurer and Philip Held secretary for the ensuing year.

LeMars Sentinel, October 12, 1906

HINTON: (Special Correspondence)

The school was dismissed Wednesday for the rest of the week on account of a
case or so of scarlet fever. Every precaution is being taken to keep the
disease from spreading. The homes of H. P. Schindle and Jas. Crouch are
under quarantine.

LeMars Sentinel
2 Oct 1908
Miss Virginia Jones, who teaches the public school at James, was visiting Saturday and Sunday with relatives in the vicinity of Hinton.
Miss Elliot, of LeMars, commenced to teach in the Woolworth school district east of James, on Monday.

 LeMars Sentinel, February 1931

Breaking into school houses has become a common practice in Plymouth county. The last one reported was in Hungerford township last week. A large amount of valuable articles were stolen.



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