Hungerford No. 6 Memories


School Daze Memories from former students, teachers and records!

By Cleo Sipma, unknown date

Country schools dotted the hills and vales around Hinton from the late 1800’s until the fifties.

The interviews of former pupils of the country schools revealed apparent pride in the quality of education provided by the schools.

They said that the discipline was good—it had to be—the teacher and the students were in one room together all day except for recess and noon.  They respected their teachers, not only for the quality of educations they offered but also for their stamina in keeping the fires attended and braving the cold and snow each day.  The teachers boarded at the homes of the pupils.

Mildred Jauer Lemcke, her sisters Lois, Betty and Jean and brother Glenn Jauer attended Hungerford No. 6, two miles east and 1 ½ miles south of Hinton.  Glenn felt that their education in the country school was excellent but both he and Mildred related that they would have enjoyed the extracurricular activities that the town school offered and the fact that they knew so few children made the adjustment to coming to high school in Hinton a little difficult.  Glenn’s sons Richard and Roger attended the Hungerford school, also.  The eighth grade pupils were required to pass a state exam held at LeMars to be eligible to attend high school.  Some felt that this was unfair because their city counterparts did not have to take the exam. 


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