Hungerford Township No. 3 -- PHOTOS

James School


James School, Hungerford Township – 1946

Back row, left to right: Doris Bates, Marilyn Jensen, Dorothy Coil, Lowell Bates, Joanne Uhl, Jeanette Uhl, Miss Vondrak (teacher)
Second row, left to right:  Donna Beeman, Ronnie Fisher, Raymond Fisher, Lyle Jensen, Marilyn Ferguson, Larry Betsworth
Front row, left to right:  Martin Beeman, Ronnie Macklem, Donnie Crouch, Shirley Crouch, unknown Mosher

James School, Hungerford Township – 1947

Back row, left to right:  Doris Bates, Jeanette Uhl, Joanne Uhl, Miss Washburn (teacher)

Second row, left to right:  Raymond Fisher, Lyle Jensen, Donnie Crouch, Ronnie Macklem, Larry Betsworth, Marla Olson, Ronnie Fisher, Marilyn Ferguson

Front row, left to right:  July Olson, Shirley Crouch, unknown Mosher, Judy Fisher, Donna Beeman, Martin Beeman


James School, Hungerford Township –1949

1st row, left, back to front:  Marilyn Ferguson, Judy Olson, Judy Fisher, Nona Bell
2nd row, left, back to front:  Shirley Crouch, Patty Larson, Keith Larson, Ronnie Fisher
3rd row, back to front:  Larry Betsworth, Ron Macklem, Raymond Fisher, Donnie Crouch
4th row, back to front:  Orvis Julch, Kenny Bates
Miss Grace Briggs, (teacher) standing.

~Thanks to the help given by Doris (Bates) Arndt, Marilyn Ferguson, Shirley (Crouch) Camerer, Orvis Julch, and Ron Macklem in helping identify the students and teachers in the above three photos!

~The above three James School photos were contributed by Kathy Bjorklund.



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