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LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, Friday, April 16, 1920


School House in Hancock Township Burns Down

The school house in Hancock township in district No. 1, was destroyed by fire between 6 and 7 o’clock according to a telephone message received by Miss Agnes Eyres, County Superintendent, from Miss Alice Swain, the teacher. Miss Swain lives in Sioux City. A number of books and other property belonging to the county and pupils were destroyed. School is being held in a nearby farm house until the building can be replaced.

LeMars Sentinel
February 6, 1934


Thieves stole about five hundred pounds of coal from the school house in
district No. 1 Hancock Township, the night of January 29, according to a
report made by Theodore Soloman to the office of the sheriff last week.

A stalled car was found on the road about two hundred yards south of the
school house. The car bore a Woodbury county license.

The same evening about 10:30 a stranger, disheveled and dirty, called at the
home of Charles Baxter in the neighborhood and asked permission to use the
telephone. While in the house, he phoned to a wrecker company in Sioux City
calling for assistance.

LeMars Sentinel, October 4, 1935

HANCOCK: (Special Correspondence)

Burglars broke into school No. 1 over the week end. The thieves picked the
lock on the new school desk and stole the teacher’s shoes.



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