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LeMars Sentinel
June 26, 1908
SENEY: (Special Correspondence)
Miss Mae Kennedy closed her school in Grant township Friday and is attending summer school in LeMars.

~Transcriber note: Miss Mae Kennedy was the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Miles Kennedy, who farmed near Seney, Iowa. Miss Mae married Walker Bushby (that is Walker with a k, not Walter) and this couple farmed in Sioux County living near Ireton.

LeMars Sentinel, May 5, 1911

STRUBLE: (Special Correspondence)

Miss Helena Mouldie, one of our most popular and successful school teachers
of Grant township, visited at the Dr. Null home Saturday vacation.

LeMars Globe-Post
August 20, 1925


On Saturday, August 22, at the hour of 2 p.m., the school board of Grant township will sell to the highest bidder the old school house and coal shed in District No. 5.  Also coal sheds in District No. 2 and 7.  Place of sale at School house District No. 5, Grant township.  Terms of sale will be made know at time of sale. 
                                          By order of Board, H.W. Hennings, Sec.

 LeMars Globe-Post
March 19, 1934


The following directors were re-elected in Grant:  Dick Frerichs, district No. 1; Charles Renken, district No. 6; Will Johnson, district No. 9, and Grant Hanstein, district No. 2; and Harm Heeren, district No. 7.

The following new directors were  elected:  Mrs. Theodore Plueger, district No. 4; John Brabander, distict No. 5 and Henry Marienau, disctict No. 8.

LeMars Globe-Post, December 11, 1939

GRANT: (By Special Correspondent)

The school board of Grant township met in the Center School on Tuesday




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