Grant No. 3 -- PHOTOS

Craig School

Craig School -- Grant No. taken H. L. DeWitt of Merrill, Iowa, May 18, 1926

Esther Winterfeld Oloff taught her first year at Craig School, 1954-1955. Photos and information contributed by Karen Klemme.

Below two photos taken March 1955. Gifts for Rev. W. K. Schmidt's children: David, Linda, Dennis & Diane. Gifts given to them by the Craig School children.

May 1955--Last Day of School Parade Pictures

Craig School children, 1954-1955

~if anyone can identify these photos, please email the county coordinator using this link. Thanks! **Thanks to Lee Edgar for his help in identifying some of the pupils!


Photo 1: (Identification sent in by Lee Edgar, son of one of the students)
Back row – 2nd from left (tall girl) is my Mother – Virginia Jean Van Wyhe.  To her left (back row – 3rd from left) is Rodney Tammen (per Mom’s cousin, who shared this link with me)
First row – 3rd from left (1st boy) is Mom’s younger brother – Lawrence Van Wyhe.  To his left (front row – 4th from left) is Jim Grasz.


Photo 2: (Identification sent in by Lee Edgar, son of Virginia Jean Van Wyhe)
4th from left is Jim Grasz and 5th from left is Lawrence Van Wyhe.  The girls are Joyce Schmidt Brownmiller and Carol Asselyn (per Mom’s cousin)



Photo 4: (Identification sent in by Lee Edgar, son of Virginia Jean Van Wyhe)
Virginia J. Van Wyhe and Rodney Tammen

Teachers, (left to right) Esther Oloff & Ida Nicholson -- May 1957

Last Day of School, June 2, 1961

Teacher, Esther Oloff, with Russell Schmidt, age 8--Second Grade

~link to Esther Oloff's Memory Page

Craig Upper Grades

CRAIG UPPER GRADES are taught by Mrs. Ida Nicholson.  The pupils and their grades are (L to R) back row:  Warren Kuney, 5; Douglas Johnson, 6; Mary Miller, 5; Gail Johnson, 6; Allen VanDyke, 6; Wanda Peters, 6. Middle row: Deanne Kallsen, 4; Robert Varenhorst, 4; Larry Kluver, 5; Valerie DeBoer, 6; David Maller, 5.  Front row: Debra Taylor, 4; Lynn Barker, 4; Mary Ann Sorgdrager, 4; David Barker, 4; Keith Assein, 4; Timmie DeBoer, 4. Mary Johnson, grade 4, was absent.

~Source: LeMars Sentinel, Canine Comments, Oct. 16, 1961



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