Grant No. 2 -- PHOTOS

~All photos identified left to right


Grant No. 2 School Building -- 1933

Teacher, Spring 1933 -- Bernice Winter

Students: Ralph Peebels and Elmer Tammen

Students: Catherine Nolan and Marian Hanstein

Students: Alfert Ludwigs, Edwin & Wendel Hanstein

Student: Alfert Ludwigs

Nine of the ten students

Can anyone out there help with identification of the students?

No identification on this picture, either. You will see that these same kids are in some of the other photos on this page for Grant No. 2.

Two Photos of what is labeled: Corn Husk House

Above boys are: Wendel & Edwin Hanstein and Alfert Ludwigs


The boys are identified as: Marvin, Elmer Tammen & Ralph Peebels

~Excellent photo scans submitted by Mary Holub, Plymouth Co. ACC





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