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LeMars Sentinel, Sept. 12, 1890

KINGSLEY:  (Special Correspondence)

Our public school opened Monday for the fall term.  Miss Ellis is
principal.  She will be assisted by Miss Grey, of LeMars, Miss Ramsey,
of Pella, and Mrs. McCowan, of Scranton.

LeMars Sentinel, August 21, 1891

KINGSLEY:  (Special Correspondence)

Miss Ellis, the principal of our school is in Des Moines on a pleasure and
business trip.

LeMars Sentinel, Sept. 4, 1891

KINGSLEY: Our public school will begin next Monday with the same teachers except Miss Ramsey, whose place will be filled by another lady.

LeMars Sentinel, Sept. 11, 1891


We were in error in saying that school would begin Monday. It commences next
week on the 14th.

Miss Emma Schneider began teaching in the Egar district west of town Monday.

Mrs. McCowan, who taught the primary department of our school last year and
who was engaged for the same place this year, has sent in her resignation.
She is one of the best teachers that we have ever had. The choice now seems
to lie between Miss Frankie Bowman and Miss Edith Dean.

LeMars Sentinel, December 11, 1891

KINGSLEY: A forty foot pole has been put on the school house grounds for the benefit
of the new flag. And now the stars and stripes float gaily to the breeze.

LeMars Sentinel, December 18, 1891

KINGSLEY: School closes this week for a two weeks vacation. The teachers feel much in need of rest, and so many of the children are complaining with colds, sore throats, etc., that the attendance has greatly fallen off.

LeMars Sentinel, January 10, 1895

Kingsley: (Special Correspondence)

The school teachers all returned after the vacation and school opened
with a full attendance.  The high school grade has been moved to the
upper room of the new building and Mrs. McCowan occupies the lower room
in the new addition with the kindergarten so that all the school is now
comfortably located in one building. 

LeMars Sentinel, Feb. 4, 1895

Kingsley: (Special Correspondence)

The teachers of this part of the county held a conference and institute in
the high school room in Kingsley on Saturday last. In the forenoon there
were twenty teachers present. Prof. C. E. Hanchett of the Kingsley schools
was chosen chairman. The association opened with singing after which D. W.
Mason presented the subject "History in Connection with Reading," which was
discussed by G. M. Dewey, Byron Cornish, Ruby Dewey, and C. E. Hanchett. An
able paper on "The Relation of the Parents to the Teacher" was read by Miss
Pearl Johnson, which was discussed by several teachers. The importance of
accurate work was presented by Byron Cornish who became eloquent and quite
instructive. A discussion followed led by Clara Knowls and D. W. Mason when
an adjournment for the noon recess was taken. At the afternoon session more
of the teachers came in from the country and the session opened in the
kindergarten department. Mrs. Josie McCowin presented a synthetic drill
which was listened to with pleasure. The teachers then repaired to the high
school room and listed to a duet by Mamie Schneider and Annie Gosting. A.
Dewey read a paper entitled "What should the people expect of the public
schools." "One way of teaching geography" was presented by Ruby Dewey. W.
H. Higgenbotham, on penmanship was highly commended and the subject was
extended by others in an instructive and amusing manner. Miss Lydia
Thompson present "Punctuality and Industry" very ably. Arthur Olary
extended the same subject. The session was closed by singing "Those
Beautiful Days." The whole number of teachers present was twenty-nine.
There were thirty-five visitors present in the afternoon. The session was
pronounced very successful by those interested.

LeMars Sentinel, March 16, 1896

KINGSLEY: (Special Correspondence)

At the school election Monday there was 196 votes polled of which J. J.
Heacock received 135, C. H. Loring 132, Randolph Payne 61, J. C. Cottrell
62. A very large vote was polled for a school election and more work was
done than at any election of this kind for several years.

Wm. Tallman has been engaged to teach the same school he taught last fall
and winter, where he has given the best of satisfaction as a teacher. His
father from near Leeds, came over to see him on Wednesday.

[Transcriber Note: Wm. Tallman is listed on the teacher list for Garfield No. 2, 1893-1893. Unfortunately, the lists are not complete, thus we do not know where Mr. Tallman was teaching at the time this was published in the news column.]

LeMars Sentinel, March 29, 1897

Kingsley: (Special Correspondence)

The public schools are preparing a splendid program which will be rendered
in the rink the first Friday evening in April which will close the winter
term. A vacation of a few days will be given the pupils and teachers.



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