Fredonia No. 5

aka the Lundgren School

aka the Center School

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LeMars Sentinel, October 10, 1898

SOUTH FREDONIA: Miss Hattie Ellsworth has begun the winter term of school in the Center district.

Remsen Bell Enterprise— no date

School Note

   A graduating exercise was held last Monday evening at the center school house in Fredonia township District No. 5. It was given by Miss Bessie Levins and Miss Anna Sudtelgte in honor of the nine graduates of that township.  The school house was beautifully decorated, the colors being purple and old gold. The motto, “Onward and Upward.”

   Following, Mr. Countryman gave a fine speech and presented the diplomas.

   The graduates were as follows:

Herlig Mortesen

Laurentina Kloster

Mary Juhl

Clarence Levins

Lillian Bogh

John Sudtelgte

Efford Moser

Clara Levins

Elizabeth Moser

   The program was followed by a peanut social. Mr. Leo Kunkel of Oyens acted as auctioneer and Mr. Ben Sudtelgte as clerk. Both program and social were carried out successfully.

   A large crowd attended and a very enjoyable time is reported.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
June 4, 1920

Number Of Schools Will Receive Bonus From State

Miss Mae Francis, state standardization inspector, who made an examination of all the Plymouth County rural schools, has reported the following to be up to the requirements:

Fredonia township, school No.  5; Ottillia Berner, teacher.

Grant township, school No. 8; Emma Dack, teacher.

Marion township, school No. 5; Irene Puetz, teacher (provisionally).

Meadow township,  school No. 5; Marcelinda Alesch, teacher.

Meadow township, school No. 6; Maria Soe, teacher.

Stanton township, school No. 1; Catherine H. Carel, teacher.

All of the schools whose teacher and equipment meet the standard qualifications, receive a bonus from the state, consisting of $6 per pupil in attendance. Half goes to the school and half to the teacher.

LeMars Globe-Post, September 12, 1927

SENEY: (By Special Correspondent)

 The Misses Edith and Ethel Darville, of Gayville, S.D., arrived on Saturday
and visited in the R. A. and Irving McArthur homes. Miss Ethel will stay
with her sister, Mrs. Irving McArthur and husband, and teach the Lundgren
school. Miss Edith returned home Sunday evening. She will attend school at
LaCrosse, Wis.

LeMars Sentinel, April 13, 1928:
     Seney--Miss Ethel Darville, who has been teaching the Albert Lundgren school the past year, was married in Morningside Saturday to Vera (sic--Vern) Burris of that place.  Mr. and Mrs. Roy McArthur of this place, and her mother, Mrs. Charley Darville, of Gayville, S.D., attended the wedding.  Rev. Reed was the officiating minister.

LeMars Sentinel
September 18, 1945

FREDONIA:  (Special Correspondence)
The school house in District No. 5 was varnished by the men from LeMars, both floors and wood work.


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