Miss Kuebler, Dedication

We, the F.T.A. Club of 1941-1942, dedicate this “Yip” of our club to Miss Kuebler who has inspired us to do our work well and in appreciation we wish to dedicate this “Yip” to you, Miss Kuebler.



Senior Picture:

Left to right:  Genevieve Maxey, Rosalind Deiterman, Marjorie Morris, Gladys Molzen, Shirley Gronemeyer, Irene Jones, Helen Kallsen, Marjorie Norton, and Mildred Brabander.

~these photos appear to be identified left to right starting in the front row left side.

Junior Picture:

Left to right:  Mary Hartman, Doloris Bauerly, Iola Beheim, Marie Determann, Georgia Schnepf, Shirley Mandelkow, and Lillian Jelken.

The Homecoming Float

The LeMars Homecoming, which was held October 17, 1941, was one of the school’s first homecoming’s.  Each class and organization had a float.  The F.T.A. float was made in a rush.  It seemed as thought we could never buy enough crepe paper.  I think we owe Mr. Powell much credit, for he helped us very much or should I say we helped him?  The float, incidently, was mounted on a trailer.  The people who were on the committee were Mildred Brabander, Shirley Mandelkow and Gladys Molzen.

When the float was finally finished, about an hour before the parade, we took it down to school and got in our place in the parade.  The people who represented the students on the float were Mary Ann Meis, Shirley Kluckholn, and Wayne Brabander and the teacher was Gladys Molzen.  The car was driven by Shirley Mandelkow’s father and the other members were of the Normal Training Class.

The Northwest Iowa Regional Conference

The Northwest Iowa Regional Conference was held April 25, 1942, in the Junior High Auditorium.  The schools represented that day were Correctionville, Ida Grove, Marcus, Sibley, and Ocheyedan. Inwood and Primghar were not present.

Mr. Kluckholn spoke on the subject “Our Contract and Our Covenant.”  This was a very inspirational talk on keeping our contract and doing our work well and faithfully.

The student session of which Helen Kallsen was chairman, was primarily to get acquainted.  Such things as practice teaching and important projects carried out by the clubs were discussed.  A secretary was elected to keep the minutes of the meeting.  Lowell Stelck from Correctionville was elected.  The F.T.A. Club of Ida Grove invited the clubs to come to Ida Grove for the regional conference of 1943.  Phylis Ehlers was elected chairman for next year.  The faculty session, held in the N. T. Room, was a discussion of problems pertaining to the teaching profession.

The general assembly under the supervision of Georgia Schnepf, was the last event of the day.

Community singing was the first on the program.  The songs were “The Star Spangled Banner” and other songs contributed by the Ida Grove students.  The demonstrators was Mrs. Schroeder, who had a reading class, and Miss Sheehan gave a demonstration on rural choir work and rhythm exercises.  The movies were “Learning and Growth” which illustrated child psychology and a comedy “In The Grease” was shown.

A tour of the new Franklin building under the guidance of Marjorie Norton and Irene Jones ended the Northwest Conference of 1942.

~these wonderful photos and articles were donated for scanning by former student and teacher, Gladys Molzen Thoma, of LeMars, Iowa.

Feel free to share any news items of this nature about the teachers, pupils and schools.





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