Future Teachers of America

F.T.A. Club 1940-1941

LeMars Central High School

photo at left: Miss Martha Kuebler

"We the F.T.A. Club of 1940-1941 dedicate this "Yip" of our Club to our most understanding, sympathetic and skilled critic, Miss Kuebler; who has been very helpful in assisting us in our many trials and tribulations, and at this time we wish to show our great appreciation and thanks by dedicating our "Yip" to you, Miss Kuebler."

Senior Girls 1940-1941

Left to right, starting bottom row far left:

Frances DeForce, Bernice Rohlfs, Gladys Fischer,

Esther Plueger, LeNora Peterson,

Dorothy Calhoon, Helen Andersen, Helen Determann,

Helen Mauer, Saverna Langel, Delores Junker

Junior Girls, who were to become graduating seniors of 1942

Left to right, Back row:

Mildred Brabander, Helen Kallsen, Gladys Molzen,

Center row:

Marjorie Morris, Marjorie Norton, Irene Jones,

Front row:

Shirley Gronemeyer, Genevieve Maxey, Rosiland Deiterman


Diary of Events


Sept. 16: Initiation--Nine Junior members initiated. Committees for the year appointed.

Sept. 25: The Senior Girls spent the day visiting schools. They visited three schools.

Oct. 21: First regular monthly meeting

Oct. 25: Senior girls made another field trip visiting four schools during the course of the day. The class is indebted to Saverna Langel and Bernice Rohlfs for furnishing the transportation for our field trips.

Oct. 26: Teacher's Meeting

Nov 18: Regular meeting. Assignments for the YIP were discussed. Mr. Stientjes presented the movie "Free Luncheon" to us.

Nov. 23: County Teachers Meeting, Mrs. Porter in charge.

Dec. 16: Christmas Party. Annual exchange of gifts. The Club presented Miss Kuebler with a beautiful lamp.

Jan. 15, 16, 17: Teachers Exams, given by County Superintendent Miss Christine Petersen.


Feb. 15: County Teachers Meetings

Feb. 17: Regular Meeting. Mrs. Pitts gave an interesting talk on "China." She was a teacher in China before her marriage.

Feb. 24 - April 5: Practice school. The Senior Girls taught in this order: Helen Mauer and Saverna Langel, Frances DeForce and Gladys Fischer, Helen Determann and LeNora Peterson, Dorothy Calhoon and Esther Plueger, Bernice Rolhfs and Helen Andersen, and Delores Junker.

March 24: Regular Meeting. Our club is now "The Future Teachers of America." We received our certificate. Supt. Kluckholn spoke to us on "How to Apply For A School."

Normal Training Critic--Miss Martha Kuebler

Class Officers

President: Helen Mauer, LeMars, Iowa

Vice President: Marjorie Norris, LeMars, Iowa

Secretary & Treasurer: Bernice Rohlfs, Ireton, Iowa

Photos and text contributed by: Linda Ziemann, daughter of one of the Junior Girls, Miss Irene Jones. My Mother kept photos and momentos from the time of her Normal Training in High School. I tried to identify the photos as accurately as possible based on the information penned with the photos. Please email me if you have any corrections.








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