Elkhorn Township Schools

Newspaper Articles in chronological date order--articles covering the entire township in general


LeMars Globe-Post,
January 12, 1892


Miss Rosa Walsh is teaching school in Elkhorn.

LeMars Globe-Post, September 3, 1936

The schools of Elkhorn township opened Monday with the following teachers in
charge: District No. 1, Miss Lilly Stortz; No. 2, Miss Francis Julian; No.
3, Miss Nina Forbes; No. 4, Miss Della Bergner; No. 5, Miss Esther Jerman;
No. 6, Miss Blanche Timmins; No. 7, Phyllis Morton; No. 8, Miss Marjorie
Moritz; and No. 9, Miss Nellie Taylor. Misses Daisy Henry, Estelle Reinking
and Lucille Kehrberg will teach in Woodbury county this year.

Kingsley News-Times, August 29, 1937

Elkhorn Township schools opened last week with the following teachers:

No. 1 -- Lilly Stortz

No. 2 -- Frances Julian

No. 3 -- Blanche Timmins

No. 4 -- Agnes Forbes

No. 5 -- Bernice Walsh

No. 6 -- Lavonne Seglem

No. 7 -- Nellie Taylor

No. 8 will be closed due to insufficient pupils.



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