Elkhorn No. 4

School Daze Memories from former students and teachers!




~Memories written by former teacher, Blanche (Singer) Wiederholt
~Blanche taught Elkhorn No. 4, 1944-1945  

I started my teaching in 1945 in the one-room school of Elkhorn Township # 4. I had to room at one of the parents’ farm home, ½ mile away from the school, Mr. and Mrs. Weston Richardson.  They provided room and board during the school year.  As I had no transportation, I would walk to the school, rain or shine, unlock the school house and prepare for the day’s lessons. In cold weather I had to start the big round coal burning stove so it was warm when the students arrived and also put a tray of water on top of the stove for students to warm their containers of food they brought for the noon meal.  My school director was Francis Stodden, who would keep the coal and water supplied and also pay my monthly check of around $100.00.
   The students ranged from grades 1st to 8th and were all very well behaved. Also the parents were all so supportive and helped with the Christmas party, the end of school picnic and other activities. They would provide food and extra chairs on those occasions. I had students from the families of Richardsen, Stodden, Kranz, Sitzsmann, Hendriks and Gradom. I still see or hear of some of them, and “3” of them celebrated their 59th wedding anniversaries in the area.
   I had one incident that I will never forget. I accidentally let the school door “lock” on me one morning and couldn’t get inside! So I pushed a box under the window, hoping to crawl in before the students arrived. As you can guess, I got stuck, half in and half out. It was embarrassing when one of the parents arrived with their child and had to help me get the rest of the way into the school.



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