Seney School Building -- PHOTOS

"Through the Years"

LeMars Globe-Post
June 17, 1954

The Seney school board are having an entry-way built on the Seney school building in Seney, making it more convenient for the children when entering.  It also improves the appearance of the building.

Seney School.....taken after the new entry way was built.

~photo contributed by Ardy Rees Stoesz

~Ardy's father, Harold Rees, was a former student at Seney.

This next photo was taken in May 1964.

~photo taken by Linda Ewin, former student, Fall 1954-Spring 1960

In July 1975 as a new bride, I eagerly brought my husband to Seney to visit the old school grounds. Much to my dismay, I found the school and the grounds in extremely bad shape. Not long after this, the property was sold and the school building was torn down.

~photo contributed by Linda Ewin Ziemann, former student

~Linda's Father, Grandparents, and Great Grandfather were all former students at Seney. That is 4-Generations!!




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