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LeMars Sentinel
Dated March 1, 1883
Seney items: School election comes one week from today.  As the office of
sub-director is an office of honor rather than pay, the lucky man will
undoubtedly be the most popular.

The board of directors have kindly granted us one more month of winter
school, so our school did not close last Friday as previously reported.

LeMars Daily Sentinel
Le Mars, Iowa, Tuesday Evening, February 26, 1884.

SENEY, Ia., Feb 25th, The notices of school election are out for the election of sub director to take place Monday at the school house.

Alton Review, Alton, (Sioux), Iowa, April 24, 1885, Page 3:

S. D. Thayer & Co. sold bills of lumber Tuesday for two school houses near

Oliver and Henrich, of this place, were this week awarded the contract for
two new school houses near Seney. Their bid was $900.

LeMars Sentinel
Dated March 7, 1890

SENEY:  (Special Correspondence): School election in this district passed off very quietly.  A.F. Eckinbeck being the chosen one for director for the ensuing year.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, June 5, 1891

Report for the month ending May 29, 1891. Number of days taught, 20; grand
total days attendance, 700.5; average daily attendance, 35.25; number
enrolled, 40. Those neither absent nor tardy: Sadie Alderson, Ida Alderson,
Max Eckenbeck, Bessie Kennedy, LaFayette March, Jessie March, Harry
Pechelder, Fordham Smith. ~Lela M. Barnes, Teacher.

LeMars Sentinel
December 20, 1894
Resolution of Thanks by the Elgin Township Teacher's Association

At the meeting of the teachers' association at Seney Friday, December 14,
the following resolution was adopted:

Whereas, the board of directors of the district township of Elgin have
granted permission to their teachers to spend one-half day each month in
attending an educational meeting, organized in accordance with the plans and
approval of the county superintendent; and

Whereas, we who have availed ourselves the privilege, believe that our
schools may be greatly benefited thereby; therefore

Resolved, that a vote of thanks be extended to said board for their prompt
action, as the pioneers in this matter, and we do sincerely hope that all
the other boards will grant a similar privilege to their teachers and will
require their attendance at their regular educational meetings.

LeMars Sentinel
Dated February 13, 1895
Seney: There was but one couple from here that attended the teachers' meeting at
Struble last Friday. The program was well rendered although the
congregation was small, which perhaps was due to the cold weather.

The Elgin Township Teachers' Association will hold its meeting here March 8.
The members will be pleased to have a full attendance, as much interest is
being shown in the work.

Mercury passed down to 30 degrees below zero last Thursday morning.

LeMars Sentinel
December 23, 1895


A meeting of the Elgin Township Teacher’s Association was held in Seney Friday.  The program announced in the Sentinel was carried out.  The combined program of the schools was excellent.  The papers were as good, if not better, than the preceding meetings.  In the evening Prof. Shoup delivered a lecture entitled “The Old Schoolmaster.” People who have lived in Seney ever since there has been a Seney say that it was the most interesting, instructive, and pleasing discourse ever delivered here.  The professor spoke for one hour and fifteen minutes and had the very best attention during the entire time.  The music for the occasion was furnished by the pupils of the Seney school and was excellent.

LeMars Sentinel, October 5, 1896


The Elgin township teacher's association will meet in the Seney school house
Friday, October 2, 1896, at 2 p.m. Following is the program:

Roll Call, Responded by quotations


Paper, Value of a school library --- Miss Bertha Becker

Paper, Little Things --- Miss Emma Becker

Paper --- Miss Messe____ser.

Duties a teacher owes her district --- To be taken up in open discussion.

An evening session will be held in the Seney church at 7:30. Everyone
interested in our schools in invited.

G.A. Young, President
Alice Belau, Secretary

LeMars Sentinel
Feb. 11, 1897

Seney: Miss Ida Alderson and Miss Bessie Kennedy returned to their schools Sunday afternoon.

LeMars Sentinel
Monday, March 1, 1897

Seney: Among the teachers from this vicinity who took the train for LeMars Friday
evening were Misses Bertha Becker, Alice Belau and Mr. Miller.

LeMars Sentinel
March 15, 1897

Seney: Carl Miller closed his school at the Center school house Thursday. Miss
Emma Becker has been employed to teach the Spring term which begins Monday.

Miss Sadie Alderson closed a very successful term of school Friday and will
spend her vacation at home. She will resume her school duties again April

LeMars Sentinel
March 18, 1897

Seney: Miss Bessie Kennedy closed the winter term of her school last week and is
spending her vacation at home.

LeMars Sentinel newspaper
Dated April 1, 1897

SENEY: Misses Ida Alderson and Bessie Kennedy took the train Monday morning for
Orange City, to attend the teacher's institute.

LeMars Sentinel
April 12, 1897

SENEY: Miss Bessie Kennedy began teaching her Spring term of school in Sioux County Monday.

LeMars Sentinel, January 3, 1898

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

Watson Kennedy is teaching school for his cousin, Bessie, this week, who has
not yet returned from her visit at Cedar Rapids, Nebraska.

LeMars Sentinel, January 16, 1899
Seney: Miss Sadie Alderson has resigned her position as teacher at the Emery
school.  Miss Anna Daniels, of Maurice, has been employed to teach the
balance of the term.

LeMars Sentinel, March 16, 1899

SENEY: The Misses Ida Alderson and Ethel Nelson closed their winter term of
school last week and will spend their vacation at home.


LeMars Sentinel, June 12, 1899

Seney--Friday was picnic day for several schools in this township. The schools
taught by Miss Ida Alderson and Miss Mollie Brown combined and held their
picnic in the Seney grove. Those taught by the Misses Mauser and Mamie
Detloff combined held theirs two miles west of Seney. The day was a perfect
one and a large number were present at both places. A good time was enjoyed
by all and will long be remembered by all who were fortunate enough to be

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, October 3, 1902

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

Miss Anna Suecker and Miss Edith Harrington came up on the train Monday
morning from their homes in LeMars to take their places in their respective
schools near Seney.

STRUBLE: (Special Correspondence)

Miss Rose McGrain is teaching the school two miles east of here.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, March 3, 1911

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

The basket social given by Rose Phillips and pupils in the Wood’s school
house Friday night was well attended. Between $25 and $30 were realized by
the sale of the baskets.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, August 25, 1911

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

The Wood’s school house, south of town, was broken into by some mischievous
persons recently, who played havoc in general by upsetting chairs, removing
the drawers from desks, scattering books from the bookcase all around the
room, and even went so far as to attempt to take the bell from the roof.

LeMars Sentinel, May 2, 1919

SENEY: There will be a social and entertainment at the Moir school house on Wednesday evening. Everybody is invited. Mabel Robbins, teacher.

LeMars Sentinel, May 16, 1919

Struble: Miss Plath, the county superintendent, spent several days of last week
visiting schools in this vicinity.

 LeMars Globe-Post, Sept. 10, 1936

ELGIN: (By Special Correspondent)

Schools open Monday, August 31, with the following teachers: Marion Null,
district No. 4; Lois Zimmerman, No. 5; Mary Blumer, No. 8; Miss Hanno, No.
9; Myrna Detloff is teaching again in Fredonia township. Leora Laughton is
teaching again this year in No. 5, Preston Township and Vivien Schlesser,
district No. 9, Grant.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, January 1, 1937:

ELGIN: (Special Correspondent)

Christmas programs were given at the various school houses, District No. 4,
Marion Null; No. 5, Lois Zimmerman; No. 8, Marie Blumer.

LeMars Sentinel, May 13, 1938

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

Billy Osborne, Eddie Foreman, Harriet Hawkins, Bonnie Lancaster, Willie
Olson, and Raymond McArthur are pupils from this vicinity who took seventh
and eighth grade examinations at LeMars Thursday and Friday.





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