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Seney School Building Photos

"Earl's graduation picture, 8th Grade. Rosabelle Beattie, Teacher."

Photo owned by Fern Chapman, sister of the graduate, Earl Chapman.

(Identification left to right: Vincent Lancaster, Teacher, Rosabelle Beattie, ? Rayburn, Harold Hinde, Verna McArthur, Earl Chapman, ? Rayburn, Wilbur Criswell)

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, Friday, June 7, 1912

Will Hold Commencement Exercises in LeMars, June 15th

The commencement exercises of the rural schools of Plymouth County will be
held at the opera house in LeMars on Saturday afternoon, June 15th, at two
o’clock. This will be the first time in Plymouth County that the schools in
the country have joined together in holding commencement exercises and a big
attendance will greet with the pleasure the innovation. Arrangements will be
made for a picnic dinner in Cleveland Park at twelve o’clock for the
graduates and their friends.
At the opera house in the afternoon addresses will be made by Prof. W.
Bender, of Cedar Falls, Prof. F. E. Palmer, superintendent of the LeMars
city schools and Miss Kate R. Logan, superintendent of the Cherokee county

The following are graduates who will take part in the commencement

SENEY—Harold Hinde, Wilbur Criswell, Verna McArthur, Mary Rayburn, Earl
Chapman, Vincent Lancaster, Katie Rayburn. Miss Rosabelle Beattie, Teacher.

Seney School -- Elgin No. 6

(Photo taken in May 1964, just before the final closing of the school.)

The following photos have been submitted by a former student, Linda (Ewin) Ziemann, formerly of Seney, Iowa. Linda was a student at Seney from the Fall of 1954 (First Grade) through the Sixth Grade (ending the Spring of 1960.)

Seney, IA, School, Spring 1959
Linda Ewin, 5th grader
Big Room Teacher, Mrs. Dorthea DeBoer

Seney, IA, School, Spring 1959
Diana Ewin, Kindergarten
David Ewin, 3rd grader
Little Room Teacher, Mrs. Arie Bomgaars

These two photos following contain pictures of several of the Seney School students attending a birthday party in February of 1959. All of these pictured attended Seney School. Enjoy!

LEFT Photo left to right around the table (using maiden names only):

Linda Ewin, Grade 5; Eugene Olson, Grade 4; Anthony Tunnison, Grade 7; June Davis, Grade 7; Arlene Lancaster, Grade 7; Judy Botsford, Grade 6

RIGHT Photo right to left around the table:

Janice Davis, Grade 4; Kathy Mower, Grade 7; Judy Botsford, Grade 6 (not in full view); Karen Botsford, Grade 7 (not in full view); Linda Ewin, Grade 5; Diana Ewin, Kindergarten

Seney School, Spring 1960
David Ewin, 4th grader, teacher Mrs. DeBoer
Diana Ewin, 1st grader, teacher Mrs. Bomgaars
Linda Ewin, 6th grader, teacher Mrs. DeBoer

Seney School Christmas Program
December 1960
Diana Ewin was one of the shepherds

Left to right angels:
Olson girl, Dottie Mae Davis, ? , Lois Forslund, ? 
Joseph is (looks like Dick Mower)
Mary ( ?? )
The photo was taken in the “Big Room” because of the stage. 
All programs were performed in that room because it was larger and it had a stage. 

Seney Upper Grades

SENEY UPPER GRADES are taught by Mrs. Luella Siege.  The pupils and their grades (from L to R) are back row: Tom Mower, 6; Mrs. Siege; Albert Schultz, 5; Sharon DenOuden, 5; Dave Ewin, 6.  Middle row: Kathy Forslund, 4; Elvin Shepherd, 6; Dick Mower, 5; Jim Forslund, 5. Front row: Dorothy Mower, 4; and Arlene Davis, 5.

~Source: LeMars Sentinel, Canine Comments, Oct. 30, 1961

Seney Lower Grades

SENEY LOWER GRADES are taught by Mrs. Artha Bomgaars. The pupils and their grades are (L to R) front row: Lorinda Shepherd,(K); Connie Mower (1); Jay Dorothy, (K). Second row: Richard Dorothy, (1); Cindy Olson, (1); Rhonda Olson, (K); Barbara Janssen, (2); Jimmy Mower, (1); and Lois Forslund, (2).  Back row: Alan DenOuden, (1); Beverly Olson,(3); Diane Erickson, (3); Patsy Olson, (3); and Diana Ewin, (3). Mrs. Bomgaars is standing back of the pupils.

~Source: LeMars Sentinel, Canine Comments, Dec. 4, 1961


Seney, Iowa
Seney School, Hobo Day
Spring 1962
David Ewin, 6th grader

Seney School, Spring 1962
Mrs. Luella Siege, Big Room teacher
David Ewin, 6th grader


LeMars Sentinel, Oct. 2, 1962

Seney lower grades are taught by Mrs. Ethel Tiesler. The pupils and their grades are, from left front row: Rickie Dorothy, 2; Dottie Davis, 1; Jay Dorothy, 1; Connie Mower, 2; and Lorinda Shepherd, 1.

Second row: Alan Den Ouden, 2; Jimmy, 3; Rhonda Olson, 1; Cindy Olson, 1; and Howard Eick, 1.

Top row: Lois Forslund, 3; Debie Rees, 2; Barbara Janssen, 3; Patsy Olson, 3. Mrs. Tiesler stand in the back.



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