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Seney School

Newspaper Articles in chronological date order

Sioux County Herald, Orange City, (Sioux), Iowa, April 25, 1878,
Page 1:

The school house at Seney suffered somewhat by the late storm, and the coal
house attached was moved several feet.

Sioux County Herald
September 9, 1880


The fall term of school began today with Miss Carrie Murphy, of LeMars, as

LeMars Daily Sentinel
Le Mars, Iowa, Tuesday Evening, March 4, 1884.

Seney, March 3:The closing exercises of the winter term of school were on Friday
evening, and consisted of a spelling match and recitations in which the
community in general took part.

At the spelling school Friday night a disgraceful row occurred, in
which one Wm. Randolph with his fists disfigured the head and face of Wm. Burgess.
A warrant was sworn out for the arrest of Randolph, and Deputy Sheriff
Fuller was in town Saturday to arrest him. While on the way to the house where
Randolph was staying, some one gave him notice of the approach of the
officer, and he mounted a horse and skipped leaving the deputy to return alone. Before
returning to LeMars the sheriff arrested a man for aiding the prisoner to
escape, and took him before 'Squire Morrisy, but concluded for some reason
that he would not prosecute, and let the man go. It is hinted that there is fun
ahead on this case.

LeMars Sentinel, Tuesday, November 24, 1885, Page 1, Column 2:

Miss A. C. Alline, who is teaching at Seney, was in the city over Sunday,
the guest of her sister, Mrs. J. H. Winchell. Miss A. is succeeding nicely
and has a very pleasant school.

LeMars Sentinel, Friday, February 21, 1890, Page 3, Column 5:

     Seney--Platt Thomas of Hinton was in town Friday and delivered the new bell for the school house to the committee.  The bell was put in the school house cupola Tuesday, and is very satisfactory.

LeMars Sentinel
October 8, 1890

SENEY:  (Special Correspondence)
Our school is progressing finely under the able management of Miss
Frankie Allen, of Le Mars.  Take advantage of the opportunity you now
have boys to get an education and you will never have cause to regret
it.  Although it has been said that "a little learning is dangerous" it
is far more preferable to be dangerous in this manner than to be simply
a wart on the face of nature.

LeMars Sentinel
November 18, 1890

Seney: Miss Agnes Alline, of LeMars, commenced her winter term of school here
on Monday last.

LeMars Sentinel, November 28, 1890

Seney: Our popular lady teacher becoming annoyed with the noisy slates of the
scholars suggested a remedy to cover them with strips of boy's old
pants.  Every young man in town now is ready to sacrifice his best
pants.  A number are willing to go with them.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, June 5, 1891

Report for the month ending May 29, 1891. Number of days taught, 20; grand
total days attendance, 700.5; average daily attendance, 35.25; number
enrolled, 40. Those neither absent nor tardy: Sadie Alderson, Ida Alderson,
Max Eckenbeck, Bessie Kennedy, LaFayette March, Jessie March, Harry
Pechelder, Fordham Smith. ~Lela M. Barnes, Teacher.

LeMars Sentinel, April 17, 1893

Seney: Seney school has an enrollment of about twenty-five, and is running

LeMars Sentinel, May 1, 1893

Seney: Arbor day is being observed by the Seney school.  The children are in high
spirits over it.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, Dec. 18, 1893

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

Under the management of Miss Sadie Alderson the school is doing well. Miss
Alderson bids fair to become one of the best teachers in the county. For a
young girl with previous experience, she has shown much tact and ability.

LeMars Sentinel, Thursday, May 10, 1894, Page 4, Column 3:

An Old Man Caught in the act of Setting the Fire at Seney.

     J. L. Britton, of Seney, was brought to LeMars
yesterday morning on the charge of incendiaryism in setting fire to the
schoolhouse in the village of Seney.  Monday night near midnight W. H.
Kennedy, who lives near, saw a bright blaze suddenly start up at the
school house and he ran over there and put the fire out for it had only
started under one corner of the building.  He heard some person running
away in the darkness, but did not try to ascertain who it was as he
thought the most important thing to do was to save the building.  On
Tuesday night Kennedy and Jonathan Alderson kept watch.  Another attempt
was made to burn the building, but this time the man did not get away.
They caught him and put out the fire afterwards.  A large cloth soaked
in kerosene had been stuck in under one corner where some bricks were
out of the foundation and then set on fire.  It was quite a surprise to
the community when it was learned who had been caught.  There have been
a great many fires of doubtful origin in that neighborhood in the past
year or two.  Alderson and Kennedy guarded their prisoner until morning
and then turned him over to Sheriff Boyle.

Sioux County Herald, Orange City, (Sioux), Iowa, May 23, 1894, Page 2:

Firebug Caught at Work.

J. L. Britton, of Seney, was brought to LeMars and turned over to Sheriff
Boyle for attempting to burn the school-house at Seney. Monday night a fire
was discovered under one corner of the house and was put out. Some one was
seen running away at the time, but was not recognized, and no attempt was
made to capture him. A watch was kept with the result of capturing Britton
in the act of setting fire to the building. A cloth soaked in kerosene was
stuck under the building and set on fire.

LeMars Sentinel
Monday, March 1, 1897

Seney: Miss Alice Belau, our efficient teacher, is making preparations to close
her school with an exhibition Friday evening, March 12. A good program is
being arranged which will be well worth hearing. A small admission fee of ten
cents will be charged. Proceeds to be devoted towards purchasing a school
library. Everyone who is interested in the school should attend, and
every citizen should interested in our public schools.

LeMars Sentinel
March 15, 1897

Seney: The entertainment given by the pupils of the Seney school Friday evening
drew a good audience. About six dollars were raised for the library fund.

The Seney school closed Friday, Miss Belau has been retained to teach the
Spring term to begin April 1.

LeMars Sentinel, Mon. December 27, 1897

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

Our school here will take a vacation of the week between Christmas and New
Year. The teacher, Miss Brown, having gone to Sioux City, Thursday to visit
at home over the holidays.

LeMars Sentinel, January 10, 1898

SENEY: Miss Anna Brown, of Morningside, returned Monday morning to resume her school work.


LeMars Sentinel, Monday, September 10, 1900
SENEY: (Special Correspondence)
School opened last Monday with W. W. Jeffers, of LeMars, as teacher.

LeMars Sentinel, March 8, 1907


A large crowd was in attendance at the basket social in the school house
last Friday night which proved a success in every way. A short program was
rendered by the teacher and pupils. The proceeds for which the baskets sold
amounts for which the balance of ninety cents was donated making the amount
even twenty dollars which will be used for library purposes.

Miss Nora Dack closed the winter term of school last Friday. The scholars are enjoying a vacation this week.

LeMars Sentinel, March 22, 1907

SENEY: The school directors held their annual meeting Monday night. Miss Josie Winslow, of LeMars, was elected teacher for the spring term of school.

LeMars Sentinel, June 28, 1907

SENEY: Friday is the lst day of the spring term of school. Miss Winslow will close the term by giving the scholars a picnic in the pine grove.

LeMars Sentinel, Nov. 20, 1908

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)
Miss Josephine Winslow, of LeMars, commenced the winter term of school in town, Monday, after a vacation of two weeks.

LeMars Sentinel, October 29, 1909

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

Don’t forget to attend the Halloween social given by Miss Josephine Winslow
and her pupils in the school house Friday night, October 29. Everybody is
invited. Admission 10c.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, March 3, 1911

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

There was no school here Tuesday on account of the teacher being sick. Verna
McArthur had charge of the school in the morning, but school was dismissed
for the afternoon.

LeMars Sentinel
Friday, June 9, 1911

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

Our teacher and pupils are making plans for a picnic the 16th of June.

LeMars Sentinel, Oct. 20, 1911

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

The teachers and pupils of our school are making preparations for a
Halloween basket social to be held in the school house October 31st. They
are preparing a program, consisting of song: “Goodbye to Summer,” by school;
recitation: “Old Halloween Friends,” Hazel Walkup; song: “Halloween,”
primary class; song: “Song of the Autumn Leaves,” Mary and Katie Rayburn and
Verna McArthur; farce: Halloween Frolics, by school. One room will be used
for the features of entertainment, which will be, fortune telling, fish pond
and the African chimpanzee, besides the selling of the baskets. Everybody
come and help to make the evening one long to be remembered.

LeMars Sentinel, Nov. 3, 1911

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

A large crowd was in attendance at the basket social held in the school
house Tuesday night. The program rendered by the school was enjoyed by all
and much credit is due the teachers. The entertaining features were a fish
pond, fortune telling and the African chimpanzee, which created much
laughter and sport. The baskets, which numbered twenty-nine, did not bring
the prices they were worth. The highest price paid was $1.75 and many sold
for less than 60 cents. The proceeds taken in during the evening amounted to
$29 dollars after expenses are taken out, which amounts to very little. The
remainder will be used toward buying a school clock and large flag. The
crowd all left for their homes about midnight.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, June 7, 1912 (front page)

Will Hold Commencement Exercises in LeMars, June 15th

The commencement exercises of the rural schools of Plymouth County will be
held at the opera house in LeMars on Saturday afternoon, June 15th, at two
o’clock. This will be the first time in Plymouth County that the schools in
the country have joined together in holding commencement exercises and a big
attendance will greet with the pleasure the innovation. Arrangements will be
made for a picnic dinner in Cleveland Park at twelve o’clock for the
graduates and their friends.

At the opera house in the afternoon addresses will be made by Prof. W.
Bender, of Cedar Falls, Prof. F. E. Palmer, superintendent of the LeMars
city schools and Miss Kate R. Logan, superintendent of the Cherokee county

The following are graduates who will take part in the commencement
HINTON—Waive Selby, Grace Pape, Adeline Howalt, George Dewey Bender, Grace
Richards, Sara Knapp, Alvin Ellison, Elwyn Luce, John Orvil Crouch. Miss
Annie L. Kieffer, Teacher.
STRUBLE—Anna C. Uthe, Clarence E. Albert, LeRoy T. Albert, Arthur C. Jahn,
Emerson J. Mandelkow, Andrew C. Pereboom. Miss Sadie Tiernan, Teacher.
SENEY—Harold Hinde, Wilbur Criswell, Verna McArthur, Mary Rayburn, Earl
Chapman, Vincent Lancaster, Katie Rayburn. Miss Rosabelle Beattie, Teacher.
AKRON—Marie Byrnes, Anna Trautt, Eddie Metz.
REMSEN—Laura Lauters. Miss Ellenora Cook, Teacher.
ELKHORN—Clarence Ivers, Clara May Goodrich. Miss Lela Conkling, Teacher.
ELKHORN—Ed Burke, John Burke. Miss Martha Heifner, Teacher.
CRAIG—Benita Sidwell. Miss Ellen Buehler, Teacher.
ADAVILLE—Nelson Brown, Walter LaBahn, Lester Stinton, Ray Scott, Ivy
Morehead, Melvin Kanago, Frank Morehead. Mr. John McCoy, Teacher.
PLYMOUTH—Harold Eberhard. Miss Grace Fleming, Teacher.
SIOUX—Marie Lawrence, Cecil Lawrence, Archie Dreeszen, Thos. Dreeszen,
Howard Brownawell, Clark Lilly, Esther Larson. Minnie Gusteson, Teacher.
HENRY—Willis Kenney. Miss Inez Durman, Teacher.
HENRY—Clifford Wagner. Miss Caroline Lang, Teacher.
GARFIELD—Ila M. Sherwood, Harold Sherwood, Fairy Paulin. Miss Ethel
Hawkins, Teacher.
GARFIELD—Anna M. Murray, Cyril Dugan. Mrs. M. Trout, Teacher.
MEADOW—Vane Healey, Agnes Healey. Myrtle Cunningham, Teacher.
MEADOW—Siegfried Birkner. Monica Birkner, Teacher.
MEADOW—Alma Rothlisberger, Ida Rothlisberger, Charles Siefke. Miss Libbie
Rothlisberger, Teacher.
PERRY—Jessie Horton, Christian Johnson, Frank Williams. Miss Christina
Peterson, Teacher.
PERRY—Nona Luce, Valleria Tracey. Miss Lillie Leitch, Teacher.
PERRY—Anna Poradek. Miss Mary Coburn, Teacher.
PORTLAND—Lillian Anderson. Miss Helen Dean, Teacher.
HANCOCK—Kittie Kimball, Helma Johnson, Clara Dickerson, Helen Dickerson.
Miss Elsie Butterworth, Teacher.
HANCOCK—Ralph Clarke. Miss Winifred Fry, Teacher.
JOHNSON—Bertha Anderson, Henry Lucken. Miss Mabel Gusteson, Teacher.
FREDONIA—Irene Keenan. Miss Alice Levins, Teacher.
MARION—Eugene Garton. Miss Lizzie Whissen, Teacher.
DALTON—Essie Atwood. Miss Jeanette Ryan, Teacher.
SIOUX—Ursula Fry. Miss Ethel McCarthy, Teacher.
SIOUX—Helen McCarthy, Lucy Ingram. Miss Gertrude Pike, Teacher.
HUNGERFORD—Elsie Junck. Enid Trumbauer, Teacher.
HUNGERFORD—Adelia Winter. Miss Caroline Pape, Teacher.
WASHINGTON—Mabel Rowe, Margaret Robertson. Kathryn Strouse, Teacher.
BRUNSVILLE—Paul Yule. Miss Kathryn Mammen, Teacher.
STANTON—Harold Dobbert. Miss Isabel Garton, Teacher.

LeMars Sentinel, June 11, 1912

SENEY (Special Correspondence)

A large crowd attended the baccalaureate services in the church last Sunday.
The church was beautifully decorated with flowers and foliage of the class
colors, pink and green.

The school year closed last Friday with a picnic in the grove which had only
a small attendance on account of other schools closing on the same day in
several of the neighboring districts.

The play entitled “Mrs. Briggs of the Poultry Yard” was given at the school
house last Wednesday evening by the graduating class and was very well
rendered, and the house was packed to its utmost. A great many stood outside
listening attentively at the windows. After the play Miss Donahoe presented
the class with their diplomas and gave them a very impressive talk. The
program then closed with the farewell song by the graduating class.

LeMars Sentinel, Oct. 4, 1912

SENEY: Miss Donahoe, county superintendent, called on the school Tuesday to see how
the ninth grade work was progressing, which was added to the school work this year to benefit the class which graduated last Spring from the eighth grade.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, May 29, 1914

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

The school here will hold a picnic in the Pine Grove Friday, May 29.
Everybody is invited to come and have a good time.

LeMars Sentinel, June 1, 1917

SENEY: Tuesday was the last day of school and a large crowd attended the program
given in the hall Tuesday evening.

LeMars Sentinel, Dec. 28, 1917

SENEY--Seney was exceptionally favored this Christmas when at an early hour a
large group of children accompanied by Miss Manz went from home to home
singing beautiful Christmas carols.  As the children's clear voices rang
out upon the air we were all made to realize that Christ had come and
there was indeed "peace on earth, good will toward men."

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, May 31, 1918

A Seney reader sends in the following: “Surely, if any town on the map ought
to be congratulated in securing their teachers we feel it is Seney, in
securing for the principal of their school, Miss Florence Manz. Miss Manz
has taught here the last two years and has been interested in all patriotic,
religious, social, and educational work. She never refuses to help on any
line when asked to do so, and to prepare the children to take part. We are
always anxious to hear the Primary pupils sing. Always something new or out
of the ordinary. If she can not find it in books, she does the composing

LeMars Sentinel
April 4, 1919
SENEY: (Special Correspondence)
Our primary room at school was closed last Friday as the teacher, Miss Florence Manz, was sick with headache.

LeMars Sentinel, May 2, 1919

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

Supt. Erna Plath, of LeMars, visited our school on Monday.

LeMars Sentinel, May 11, 1917

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

Miss Hazel Parker, former teacher in the school here, was married last Monday to Melvin Merritt, of Parker, South Dakota.

LeMars Sentinel, January 24, 1919

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

Gratia, Eldridge and Elizabeth Classen are attending school in Alton as our
schools have not opened up as yet.

LeMars Sentinel, September 13, 1921:
    SENEY--School opened last Monday with Miss Jennie Levins of LeMars and Miss Pearl Reeves as teachers.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, May 5, 1922


Pupils on the honor roll for the month of April in lower grades are: Vera Reeves, Marian Wallace, James Clark, Franklin Clark, George Wallace, Kenneth Rees, Eva Rees, and Johnnie Hinde. During this month three new pupils, Leonard, William and Arthur Berkenpas have been enrolled which makes a total of twenty-four pupils in this room.

LeMars Sentinel, October 5, 1922:

SENEY--Miss Ethel Eyres, county superintendent of schools, was visiting our school
last Wednesday.

LeMars Globe-Post, January 15, 1923

SENEY--Honor pupils from the primary department of the Seney school for the month
of December are: Vera Reeves, Eva Rees, Kenneth Rees, Donald Reeves,
Margaret Lancaster, Melvin Rees, Howard Wallace, Evan Anstine, George
Wallace, Orval Rees, Harold Rees.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, April 10, 1923

SENEY--Perfect attendance pupils in the primary room for March are: Harold
Wallace, Melvin Rees, Evan Anstine, Harold Rees, Marjorie Riter, Johnnie
Hinde, Orval Rees, Vera Reeves, Eva Rees, Kenneth Rees.

LeMars Sentinel, Friday, May 18, 1923

SENEY--The pupils of the Grammar room of our school had a weiner roast along the river on Wednesday after school.

LeMars Sentinel, Friday, September 14, 1923, Page 4, Column 1:
     SENEY--Our primary teacher, Miss Pearl Reeves, was given the honor of presiding at the piano at the annual meeting of the Plymouth county teachers institute held in Western Union college at LeMars last week.  Besides the congregational singing, C. W. Harlan, of Winona Lake, Ind. rendered several solos which were greatly enjoyed by all present.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
May 22, 1925


SENEY: (Special Correspondence)
Don’t forget the school program this Friday evening in the hall.

Seney school closes next Wednesday with a picnic in the grove.

The county nurse took John Evan Anstine to Iowa City to have his eye treated.

LeMars Globe-Post, August 27, 1925

SENEY--C. E. Moore and son Floyd are shingling the schoolhouse this week.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, December 4, 1925

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

Franklin Clark is out of school on account of mumps and James, his brother, has to stay out too so as not to give it to the other pupils. Our school has had a great many out this year on account of sickness. The first day, John Hinde broke his leg; then in a short time Lois Lancaster was operated on for appendicitis.  John Evan Anstine was at Iowa City for treatment and removal of his eye and Fred Olson has had pneumonia.  All are back however and when the Clark boys get back, let us hope we have 100 per cent attendance.

LeMars Globe-Post, September 12, 1927

SENEY: (By Special Correspondent)

Our school opened Monday with Misses Anne Schmidt and Jennie Levins, of LeMars, as teachers.

Those attending high school in LeMars from here are Franklin and James
Clark, Kenneth and Eva Rees, Florence Penning, Geraldine Lancaster, Glen and
Myrtle Hinde, Marion Chapman, Mildred Berkenpas, Carrie and Vera Reeves,
Jessie Osborne and Cynthia Holster.

LeMars Globe-Post, Oct. 17, 1927


Prof. Fuller of Cedar Falls gave a lecture on geography to a group of
teachers on Wednesday afternoon at the Wood schoolhouse, south of town. Our
school had the afternoon off, so the teachers, Misses Levins and Schmidt,
could attend.

LeMars Globe-Post, Oct. 31, 1927

SENEY: (By Special Correspondent)

There was no school here on Friday as the teachers, Misses Jennie Levins and
Anne Schmidt, attended the Northwest Iowa Teachers' Convention in Sioux

The school here will close on Friday for a week's vacation.

LeMars Globe-Post, Nov. 21, 1927

SENEY: (By Special Correspondent)

No school was held on Friday afternoon on account of Armistice Day.

LeMars Sentinel, May 22, 1928:

SENEY: (Special Correspondent)

Miss Jennie Levins and Miss Carol Haviland, of LeMars, have been engaged as teachers here next year.

LeMars Sentinel, Friday, July 20, 1928

SENEY: The eighth grade scholars of our school went to LeMars for their diplomas on
Thursday afternoon. Goldie Moore, Margie Riter, Ethel Britton, and Donald
Reeves of this locality were amongst those that received diplomas.

LeMars Sentinel, Aug. 28, 1928

SENEY: The school board are having the school house fixed up new; chimney on the
north and both rooms plastered.

LeMars Sentinel, Jan. 31, 1930

SENEY: Miss Mildred Jones substituted for Miss Carol Haviland on Wednesday in the

LeMars Globe-Post, Dec. 7, 1931

SENEY: (By Special Correspondent)

Our school opened again Monday after a week’s vacation. Miss Jennie Levens,
the grammar room teacher, is able to resume her work and Miss Cleo Collman
is still acting as substitute in the primary room. Miss Emeline Plumer is
back in town and will take up her work next week.

LeMars Globe-Post, May 13, 1935

Seney--The school board had a meeting on Friday night and re-elected Jennie Levins and
Vera Reeves.

LeMars Globe-Post, Monday, Sept. 7, 1936

Seney: (By Special Correspondent)

Our school opened here on last Monday with Miss Vera Reeves and Miss
Margaret Love, of LeMars, as teachers.

The LeMars Sentinel, July 9, 1937

SENEY--The Seney school board met in regular session on Thursday, July 1. The
books of the secretary were read and approved. A tax levy was agreed upon
for the coming year and July 15 was set for the date of the tax hearing.
Vincent Lancaster was elected secretary-treasurer for the coming year.

LeMars Globe-Post, Nov. 17, 1938

SENEY: (By Special Correspondent)

The pupils of the Seney School will give a program in the community hall
Tuesday evening, Nov. 22. All are cordially invited.

Parents and friends were invited to be guests of the Seney school Friday
afternoon as a part of the program for national education week. The grammar
room held open house from 1 o'clock until 4 o'clock during which time each
room held regular classes and presented an exhibit of art work. Of
particular interest to parents was the meeting of the Citizenship Club. This
club is a new organization for the purpose of training the pupils for
further citizenship and has for its duties the care of the school building
and grounds, obedience to school laws and projects for civic betterment.

LeMars Globe-Post, Nov. 28, 1938

SENEY: (By Special Correspondent)

The school program sponsored by the pupils of the Seney school, Tuesday
evening, was largely attended and much enjoyed by all present. After the
program a cafeteria lunch was served, the sale of pop corn balls and candy,
also a fish pond netted the school a nice sum of money.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Buss, Miss Elaine Buss, Miss Rose Penning, and the Misses
Leone and Lillian Gabel, all of LeMars, attended the school program held in
the hall, Tuesday evening.

LeMars Globe-Post, Dec. 19, 1938

SENEY: Several children from the Seney school are confined to their homes on
account of an epidemic of chicken pox breaking out in the school.

LeMars Globe-Post, January 9, 1939

SENEY: (By Special Correspondent)

Miss Nina Forbes returned on Sunday evening to resume her work as grammar
teacher in our school after spending a week's vacation with relatives near

LeMars Sentinel, July 14, 1939

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

A number from this community attended the rural eighth grade graduation exercises held in the LeMars high school auditorium Thursday. Those graduating from here were Bonnie Lancaster, Harriet Hawkins, Raymond McArthur and Elmer Janssen. Billy Osborne was a graduate from Fredonia township. Raymond McArthur held the honor of being fourth in the county.

LeMars Sentinel, Sept. 1, 1939

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

The Seney school with Miss Arlene Boysen of LeMars as primary teacher and
Miss Nina Forbes of Kingsley as teacher of the grammar room, will open
Monday, September 4. Miss Boysen and Miss Forbes have rented the John
Osborne residence and will lived there during the school year.

LeMars Sentinel
September 8, 1939


The Seney school opened Monday morning with Miss Nina Forbes of Kingsley as
grammar room teacher with an enrollment of fourteen pupils and Miss Arlene
Boysen of LeMars as primary teacher with sixteen pupils enrolled. Norman,
Edith and Gene Berkenpas entered the grammar room as the school they
attended is closed this year for lack of pupils. Donna Rees, Francis Hartog
and Dennis Kennedy are new kindergarten pupils and Doris Kennedy is a new
second grade pupil coming from Hawarden. School was closed in Seney Tuesday
as the teachers attended a teachers meeting held at Central building in

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

Miss Nina Forbes of Kingsley and Miss Arlene Boysen of LeMars moved into the
John Osborne residence Thursday.

LeMars Globe-Post, December 11, 1939


Grammar room pupils of the Seney school who were neither absent nor tardy
during the past 6 weeks were: Ethel Ewin, Lawrence Olson, Edith Berkenpas,
Jean Berkenpas, Junior Connor, Leona Janssen, Calmer Olson. Those who have a
perfect attendance since school began are Ethel Ewin, Calmer Olson, Leona
Janssen and Jean Berkenpas.

Teachers and pupils of the Seney school enjoyed a four day vacation last
week. Miss Arlene Boysen spent her Thanksgiving vacation in her home in
LeMars and Miss Nina Forbes visited in the home of her brother, Edward of

LeMars Globe-Post, January 1, 1940

SENEY: (By Special Correspondent)

Pupils and teachers of the Seney school are enjoying a ten-day vacation during the holidays. Miss Forbes left Saturday for the home of her brother, Edward Forbes, and Miss Boysen at the parental home in LeMars.

LeMars Globe-Post, June 17, 1940

SENEY: (By Special Correspondent)

A number from here attended the eighth grade graduation exercises held in
the high school auditorium in LeMars Thursday. Lawrence and Norman Berkenpas
were graduates from the Seney school.

LeMars Sentinel
Friday, Jan. 30, 1942

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)
Pupils of the grammar room and their teacher, Miss Nina Forbes, held a farewell party at the school Wednesday afternoon in honor of Duane Swanson, who moved with his family to a farm near Cherokee last week.  After an hour of games the pupils presented Duane with a gift and Miss Forbes served refreshments.

The Seney school will present the following program at the Seney hall on Friday evening, January 30: 
Song, “America” by the school:
Song,, “Whistle Your Cares Away,” grammar pupils:
Play, “Belling The Cat,” primary pupils:
Music, Alfred and Fred Janssen:
Song, “My Rheumatiz,” by Leona Janssen, Bobby Becker, Bobby Lancaster, Jean Berkenpas, Maxine Green, Calmer Olson and Junior Connor;
Song, “God Bless America,” school.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
February 16, 1945

SENEY:  (Special Correspondence)
Mrs. George Vander Tuig resigned her position as teacher of the primary room at the Seney school last week. Mrs. Roy McArthur has been elected by the Seney school board to teach the remainder of the school year.

LeMars Sentinel
Friday, May 17, 1946

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)
Miss Evelyn Hoyting and Miss Marion Brunken closed a successful year at the Seney School by having a picnic at the community hall. Dinner was served to a large group of pupils and parents at noon, followed by games and stunts for the children.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, January 2, 1951

SENEY--Miss Evelyn Hoyting and the primary room of Seney entertained their parents at a Christmas program Friday afternoon. An exchange of gifts and lunch brought the afternoon with exchanges of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. They will enjoy a little over a week's vacation, returning Jan. 2.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, January 26, 1951

The Seney W.S.C.S. will meet in the church parlors Wednesday, Jan. 31, at noon. Dinner will be served to school children, members and friends. Please note the change of date.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, February 20, 1951

SENEY--The Seney school held a Valentine party Wednesday afternoon.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, March 2, 1951

SENEY--All the schools in the county were dismissed at noon Wednesday. Free tickets were given the school children and teachers to attend the Shrine circus in Sioux City.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, March 6, 1951

Seney, March 3: A Soil Conservation program will be held in Seney Public school for pupils, grades 4 to 8 and teachers from Elgin No. 1 and No. 5, Fredonia No. 1 and No. 4 and Seney at 2:45 p.m., March 6. Elgin No. 2 and No. 4 will go to Struble Public school March 6 at 9 a.m. Motion pictures and short talks will be given. There will be field days for rural teachers, where teacher and pupils will visit the farms.

School closed at noon Tuesday in Seney. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Reindeers, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Berkenpas, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Detloff, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kreykes took the teacher, Miss Evelyn Hoyting and the children of the school to the Shrine circus in Sioux City Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Hollis Wills, Mrs. Ervin Criswell and Mrs. Esther Criswell took some of the LeMars students to the circus Monday afternoon. They said a lot of children as well as adults were turned away. They let in the children they took but the women didn't get in.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, March 6, 1951

The Seney W.S.C.S. will meet Wednesday, March 7, at the church parlor. Dinner will be served at noon to school children, members and friends.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, March 16, 1951

SENEY--Seney did not have school Monday but students resumed work again Tuesday. The streets of Seney have not yet been opened. Different persons have been getting stuck with their cars, but with some pushing and shoving manage to get to the highway.

A number of students are enjoying a vacation from LeMars Central high school as the busses are not traveling because of badly drifted roads.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, March 30, 1951

SENEY--Miss Hoyting reports she has been having very irregular attendance at school the past two weeks because of road conditions.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, April 3, 1951

Seney, March 29: The school election of the Seney Independent district, postponed earlier, was held March 26. In a very light vote, the three board members were re-elected: Jake Mulder, Joe Kreykes, and Glen Hinde as president of the board. Gerald Reindeers is secretary.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, April 13, 1951

SENEY--A large number of Seney tuition students and their parents attended the Annual Rural Reception Friday evening at the Central school in LeMars. Miss Doris Reeves sang a solo, and a play, "Say Uncle" was given. Earl Albert was among the production staff. Marilyn Kloster, Erla Beth Schoep, Merry Chapman and Arloa Korver were on the make-up staff. Myrna Kloster was a member of the cast.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
June 3, 1952

Seney school closed Friday with a picnic. Miss Hoyting and pupils and their parents enjoyed a picnic at the school house as weather was too bad to go to the park as planned.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, Sept. 2, 1952

SENEY: (Special Correspondence)

Seney school will open Monday, Sept. 1. Miss Evelyn Hoyting will teach again this year.

LeMars Globe-Post, February 5, 1953

POLIO (Seney Special)

Pupils of the Seney school joined in contributing $5.25 to the polio fund this week.

Miss Clara Faber, Plymouth county nurse visited the Seney school recently and asked parents of the pupils to fill out communicable disease information blanks that she distributed.

LeMars Sentinel, April 8, 1953

SENEY---Interesting Notes Written Specially for Sentinel Readers

Seney, March 31: Seney school pupils raked the school lawn and with their teacher, Miss Evelyn Hoyting, enjoyed a marshmallow roast.

LeMars Globe-Post, May 21, 1953

SENEY--The parents of Seney school children had a nice picnic together the last day of school, May 8th.

LeMars Globe-Post
January 25, 1954

The following pupils in the Seney Public School had perfect attendance the first semester of school: Henrietta Teunissen, Bonnie Lou Berkenpas, Joyce Ann Mulder, Dean Zoerink, and June Mulder.

The pupils who have brought back their dental cards are: Ronald Reinders, Bonnie Berkenpas, Jane Detloff, Gary Berkenpas, Kathy Mower, Claude Rees, and Victoria Dommer.

The Seney W.S.C.S. will hold their February meeting, Feb. 3, in the church. School children will be served dinner.  Everybody is invited. Devotions leader, Mrs. Joe Matthews. Program leader, Mrs. Clarence Albert.

LeMars Globe-Post
March 25, 1954

Quite a number of the Seney school children enjoyed a nice trip to Sioux City to the free show last week on Thursday.

LeMars Globe-Post
June 17, 1954

The Seney school board are having an entry-way built on the Seney school building in Seney, making it more convenient for the children when entering.  It also improves the appearance of the building.

LeMars Globe-Post, August 19, 1954


The Seney Public School will reopen on Monday, August 30th for the fall term.

LeMars Globe-Post, Monday, June 4, 1962

SENEY: Seney school will close Friday. The pupils will receive their report cards Friday. The school picnic will be Thursday at 5:30 p.m.

LeMars Globe-Post, June 21, 1962

SENEY: (Seney Special)

The Seney school closed June 1st. Large crowd attended the picnic Thursday evening May 31, at the school in the evening. Had visitors from Nebraska, Fort Dodge, LeMars, Cherokee and Merrill. We are sorry to lose our teachers next year, but wish them success next year in the LeMars schools. Mrs. Bomgaars will teach Franklin 2nd grade and Mrs. Siege will teach departmental 6th grade in Central. Upper grades of the Seney School will go to LeMars next year.

LeMars Sentinel, October 8, 1962


Seney grade school, taught by Mrs. Ethel Tiesler, has only the lower grades this year.

The first graders have been busy reading about Dick, Jane, and Sally. In English classes, the pupils have been working with capitals and sentence structures. They have also been telling stories paying special attention to coherence.

The school nurse, Mrs. Vivian Lancaster, visited Seney and showed films on tooth care and gave the pupils instruction on caring for their teeth.

LeMars Globe-Post, Oct. 15, 1962

SENEY: (Seney Special)

The school nurse, Mrs. Vivian Lancaster, visited Seney school and showed films on tooth care and gave the pupils instruction on caring for their teeth. The first graders have been working with capitals and sentence structures. They also have been telling stories paying special attention to coherence.

Mrs. Vivian Lancaster, RN and Mrs. Ruth Lamoreux, RN of Tuberculosis Association, gave TB tests in Seney school last week.

Tuesday, Mrs. Vivian Lancaster RN, nurse of LeMars schools, gave eye tests at the Seney school this week.

LeMars Globe-Post, April 1, 1963


The Seney school will continue to operate as a 1-teacher school next year but the school will be taught by Mrs. Kloster, presently an upper grade teacher at Struble. Mrs. Tiesler, who is teaching at Seney this year will teache a second grade at Merrill next year, replacing Mrs. Lucille Kluckhohn, who is retiring. Mrs. Tieseler lives near Hinton and had applied for an opening at Merrill becaue of the convenience of the shorter driving distance.

LeMars Globe-Post, May 30, 1963

SENEY: (Seney Special)

The Seney School picnic will be held Tuesday evening at 6 o'clock on the school ground. Mrs. Jane DenOuden and Mrs. Elda Davis are the committee. Mrs. Tiesler is teacher. She will teach 2d grade in Merrill next year, where she will be closer to home.

Mrs. Kloster will teach in the Seney school 1963-1964. School will close May 29th. Paula and Laura Ver Steeg visited Seney school Monday afternoon.

LeMars Globe-Post, June 3, 1963

Seney Special: Seney school closed with a picnic at 6:30 p.m. There are only 11 families represented in the Seney school.

LeMars Globe-Post, Sept. 19, 1963

SENEY: (Seney Special)

Seney school opened with four new students moved to Seney. The teacher is Mrs. Kloster.






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