Elgin No. 9

Newspaper Articles in chronological date order


LeMars Sentinel, May 22, 1917

ELGIN: (Special Correspondence)

Miss Genevieve Phillips closed the spring term of school in district No. 9
last Friday.

LeMars Sentinel
LeMars, Plymouth County, Iowa
September 6, 1918
Miss Genevieve Phillips commenced the fall term of school Tuesday in District No. 9.

LeMars Sentinel, Friday, October 18, 1918

ELGIN: The schools in Districts No. 8 and 9 have been closed on account of

LeMars Sentinel, May 30, 1919

Elgin: Miss Lois Harker closed a successful term of school in district No. 9
last Friday with a picnic.

LeMars Sentinel, Friday, November 30, 1923

ELGIN: (Special Correspondence)

Miss Alice Levins has resigned her position as teacher of district No. 9 and
Miss Davis is the new teacher.



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