Elgin No. 5 "Center School"

Newspaper Articles in chronological date order

LeMars Sentinel, March 8, 1907

SENEY: Mr. Wm. Falk was in town Tuesday and informed us that the Center School house came near being burned down by fire Monday night, but through the promptness of Geo. Falk the building was saved. While going to the school house to start a fire for Miss Adney of LeMars, George noticed a light in the homes and hurrying to the building discovered a fire which had burned a hole in the floor six feet in length and three feet in width. He succeeded in getting the flames out then notified Mr Reintz, one of the school directors.

It is supposed the building was set on fire as two boys whose names are familiar to the readers of the Sentinel. They stopped at the home of Mr. Falk Monday night about eight o'clock and inquired the way to Struble but refused to give their names. They no doubt slept in the house over night as one of the windows was broken in through which they gained entrance. The loss is covered by insurance.

LeMars Sentinel, May 22, 1917

ELGIN: (Special Correspondence)

Miss Christine Schmidt closed a very successful term of school Friday in
district No. 5.

LeMars Sentinel, May 9, 1919

ELGIN:  Miss Catherine Burns and pupils will give a program and basket social at
the Center school Friday night, May 16.  Everyone is invited to attend. Ladies, please bring baskets.

Le Mars Sentinel, May 30, 1919

Elgin: Miss Catherine Burns closed a successful year of school in district No.
5 last Friday with a picnic.    

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, Sep. 3, 1920

SENEY: Miss Helen Darville, of Gayville, S.D., will spend the year with her sister,
Mrs. Roy McArthur, and teach school in District No. 8. (sic=the teacher list
of record has Helen Darville teaching in District No. 5, in 1920)

LeMars Sentinel, June 14, 1921

Miss Helen Darville closed her school on Thursday with a picnic on the

LeMars Sentinel, December 2, 1921

Elgin: Miss Gehrtz, of Sioux City, commenced the winter term of school in district
No. 5 on Monday, November 28th.

LeMars Globe-Post
September 8, 1927

ELGIN: (Special Correspondence)

Miss Marie Woomer commenced her school in district No. 5 Monday.

LeMars Globe-Post, May 7, 1934

Elgin--Miss Neva Muller, teacher in district No. 5, was sick and unable to have
school for a few days




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